For years, video game marketers focused primarily on male teenagers. But a 2019 report from the Entertainment Software Association (ESA) suggests that outdated view of the gaming industry excludes a significant portion of gamers. The ESA found that 54 percent of gamers are men and 46 percent are women.Gaming brands should take note of this statistic and look for influencers who can create content that speaks to women gamers.

Here are just a few of the top female gamers who know how to use their skills, industry knowledge, and voices to draw audiences.

Top Female Gamers

  1. Julia Kreuzer
  2. Bonnie Ross
  3. Hannah Rutherford
  4. Tanya DePass
  5. Tiffany Garcia
  6. Keisha Howard
  7. Melonie Mac
  8. Jennifer Flagg
  9. Stacy Hinojosa

Julia Kreuzer has been a gamer since she was a child with a Nintendo Game Boy in hand. In 2014, she began streaming her gameplay full-time, despite an initial lack of support from her friends and family. Online, she goes by the name Miss Rage, a reference to her competitive bouts of anger when playing World of Warcraft. Aside from Warcraft, she shows her gaming skills in titles like Counter-Strike: Global Offensive, Overwatch, Valorant, Fortnite and League of Legends.

Female Gamers

Female gamers aren’t just players; they can also take on the role of developer as well. Bonnie Ross is the founder and head of 343 Industries, a game development studio owned by Microsoft. Although she’s been active in the gaming industry since 1994, she’s perhaps best known for her work on the Halo series. Ross has also played a role in developing games like Counter-Strike, Mass Effect, Gears of War and Zoo Tycoon.

Female Gamers

Hannah Rutherford is a gamer who goes by the screenname Lomadiah. A former content creator for Yogscast, a gaming channel on YouTube, Rutherford separated from the group in 2019. She continues to make content and stream her gameplay on Twitch, and she’s fond of adventure, horror and puzzle genres. Rutherford aims to be an outspoken woman in the gaming community and inspire others to share their opinions as well.

Female Gamers

Tanya DePass, or cypheroftyr, is the founder of I Need Diverse Games. The nonprofit organization aims to support women of color looking for visibility in the gaming world. DePass enjoys games ranging from the cute life simulator Animal Crossing: New Horizons to the more intense Streets of Rage 4 and Assassin’s Creed Odyssey. She also loves writing and reading works of fiction.

Female Gamers

Tiffany Garcia’s followers enjoy her bubbly personality and lively gaming content. This gamer creates content that spans a wide range of genres and titles, including Animal Crossing: New Horizons, Beat Saber, Grand Theft Auto V and Minecraft. She started her path to stardom by sharing World of Warcraft tutorials, before launching “The Art of Gaming” series, which showcased her artistic talents. Although “The Art of Gaming” ended, Garcia now has a YouTube channel dedicated to artsy DIY projects.

Female Gamers

Keisha Howard is the founder of Sugar Gamers, a group that advocates for underrepresented groups in the gaming community and in geek culture. A self-proclaimed “geek of all trades,” she’s passionate about virtual reality, augmented reality and the future of tech in general. She points out benefits of gaming that go beyond entertainment, seeing it as a way to convey ideas and inspire others. This influencer has worked with tech and gaming titans like Microsoft and Nintendo.

Female Gamers

Streamer Melonie Mac says that Lara Croft from the Tomb Raider series is her hero. A glance at Mac’s YouTube channel backs up that claim, as there’s no shortage of Tomb Raider content in her video collection. She also shares gameplay of titles such as Resident Evil 3. Mac is a host for GameStop TV and is an avid artist who likes showing off her latest creations online.

Female Gamers

Jennifer Flagg of GamingWithJen offers her followers a “cute and girly” aesthetic. Her content predominantly focuses on the customizable game Roblox, but she also enjoys Minecraft. In fact, some of her most popular YouTube videos include titles such as Minecraft: Frozen (Custom Map) and Minecraft: Alice in Wonderland (Custom Map).

Female Gamers

Hinojosa’s fans know her as StacyPlays. She built an online following by sharing her Minecraft content, but she also dives into games such as My Time at Portia and The Long Dark. Gaming isn’t Hinojosa’s only passion. She’s also the author of “Wild Rescuers,” a series of fantasy books inspired by Minecraft.

Female Gamers

Tips for Marketing to Women Gamers

Marketing to female gamers sometimes involves a different approach than marketing to male gamers. In other cases, you can rely on similar strategies no matter what the gender of the target audience. Here are some tips to follow.

Use messaging that appeals to the right age groups.

Kid-friendly messaging might seem like an obvious choice when you’re trying to reach gamers. But many gamers aren’t actually kids or teenagers. In fact, the average woman gamer is 34 years old, two years older than the average male gamer, according to ESA’s survey. Unless you’re marketing specifically to kids, you can experiment with more mature content. 

Recognize differences in generations.

Women gamers span multiple age groups, and each generation has its own video game genre preferences. Women who are 18 to 34 tend to enjoy action games. Those who are 35 to 54 have a higher interest in puzzle games and classic arcade-style titles. The older gamers, ranging from ages 55 to 64, enjoy puzzle games and virtual card and board games. Use those preferences to guide your content strategy and your search for suitable influencers.

Don’t neglect smartphone gamers

Console and PC gaming continue to be popular. However, brands should make the effort of appealing to the mobile gaming crowd as well. This group doesn’t just contain millennials and members of Gen Z. Women gamers of all age groups say they most often play games on their smartphones. Influencers who stream mobile games and can share relevant tips and strategy guides are valuable partners.

Know what other activities interest gamers.

Female gamers aren’t just gamers. They tend to have creative hobbies, such as painting, drawing, writing or making music. A multi-talented influencer can relate to artistically inclined followers even when the games have ended. A creative influencer might even be willing to help your brand develop animated shorts, jingles and blog posts.

Know why women enjoy gaming. 

Some gamers enjoy the mental stimulation and thrill of competitive gameplay. Others just want to relax after a long day of work. Knowing what draws your audience to the gaming world can help you determine the most effective ways to market your products or services. For example, should you try to partner with a world-class gaming champion or an influencer who shares light-hearted content that keeps an audience laughing? No matter your influencer marketing strategy, IZEAx Discovery can help you find female gamers who pair well with your brand.