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Millennials and members of Generation Z are social media savvy and embrace the digital age, but they’re not the only ones who browse the Internet. A majority of baby boomers spend about 15 hours a week online, according to Guy Avigdor, founder of Klear, in Forbes. Baby boomers aren’t just passive observers of online culture though. In fact, many of them are influencers who set trends and steer conversations. Here are a few baby boomer influencers to follow in 2020.

Baby Boomer Influencers

  1. Arlinda McIntosh
  2. David Evans
  3. Beth Djalali
  4. Teri Turner
  5. Alyson Walsh
  6. Elaine Ambrose
  7. David Porter and Carol Porter
  8. Patti Morrow

Arlinda McIntosh started the clothing line Sofistafunk, which features her handmade creations. She shows off her bright, zero-waste pieces on Instagram, and the designs are available for purchase on her brand’s official website. An early adopter of Instagram, McIntosh’s confident style and social media branding skills have helped her turn her passion into a full-time career. Now she imparts her knowledge of social media onto other women who want to build their own businesses.

British influencer David Evans runs the Grey Fox blog, which focuses on men’s fashion and accessories. In addition to calling attention to designers and fashion trends, the blog has sections dedicated to travel, art, watches, cars and food and drink. Evans regularly shares content on platforms such as Instagram as well. This stylish influencer has worked with numerous well-known U.K. brands, including Marks & Spencer and Aston Martin.

Nebraska-native Beth Djalali is the fashion influencer who started the Style at a Certain Age blog. She aims to inspire women to embrace their personal styles, and her writings offer advice on everything from beauty and fashion to travel and wellness. Djalali also has a YouTube channel that features videos like “How to Shop Your Closet” and “Makeup Tutorial for Mature Women.”

Food influencer Teri Turner has found numerous ways to reach her audience. You can find an archive of her favorite recipes on her website, No Crumbs Left. She shares even more mouth-watering content on Facebook, YouTube and Instagram. She also has a book, “No Crumbs Left: Whole30 Endorsed, Recipes for Everyday Food Made Marvelous,” and a podcast, which focuses on food, family and inspiration.

Alyson Walsh once worked as the fashion editor for the popular magazine Good Housekeeping. Now she shares her fashion, health and beauty opinions on her blog, That’s Not My Age. Posts like “Liberate Your Partywear” and “How to Wear Stompy Boots” present her fellow baby boomers (and followers of any age) with savvy style advice. Walsh is the author of two books, “Know Your Style” and “Style Forever,” and she regularly posts on social media platforms, including Facebook and Instagram.

Elaine Ambrose is an award-winning blogger and bestselling author behind books such as “Midlife Cabernet” and “Midlife Happy Hour.” This humorous writer knows how to make readers laugh as she reflects on the topic of aging. Adults aren’t her only audience though. She’s also written kids’ books such as “Gators and Tators” and “The Magic Potato.” You can keep up with Ambrose on Twitter and Instagram, where she shares daily musings and glimpses of her personal life.

After losing a sizable amount of their life’s savings in 2008, David and Carol Porter started their own travel agency, Roaming Boomers Travel Services. Aside from offering travel planning services, they also share their experiences on social media and use their business blog to post recommendations and industry news. Despite the emphasis on baby boomers, the couple will lend their services to travelers of any age.

Patti Morrow is a baby boomer, a travel influencer and a self-proclaimed adrenaline junkie. She’s also the writer behind the Luggage and Lipstick blog. The blog offers informative posts such as “What to Pack for Mexico – High Style, Low Cost” and “Best Cities to Visit in Switzerland.” Readers will also find a section with recommendations on what to eat and drink while globetrotting. Morrow’s a frequent guest on Travel Planners Radio, a podcast hosted by Kevin and Sue McCarthy.

Reaching Baby Boomers

People over the age of 50 spend a collective $7 billion while shopping online, suggests Forbes. So, if your brand is only targeting younger age groups, you might want to aim to expand your audience.
When attempting to reach baby boomers, you’ll need to aim your marketing efforts at the social media networks they typically use. For example, baby boomers are more likely than other age groups to share content on Facebook, according to Influencer Marketing Hub. They also tend to enjoy video content, so YouTube is another smart choice to include in your marketing strategy.
The influencers you choose to collaborate with can also help you reach these consumers. Partner with influencers like the ones above – social media personalities and industry experts who understand the generation and speak to its values.