From the busy single professional to the homeschooling mom of seven kids, meal prep has become an important part of eating over the last few years. It saves time, money and energy, and it can even help you stay on track when dieting or attempting a healthier lifestyle. In theory, it seems easy, but there’s definitely room to learn more about it from Instagram influencers who have mastered the process. That’s why hundreds of thousands of followers are tuning in to learn these influencers’ tips and tricks, recipes and insights, making them an excellent choice for any company looking to partner with someone in cooking and food-related niches.

Meal Prep on Fleek

With over 451,000 Instagram followers, Meal Prep on Fleek is one of the most popular meal prep accounts on social media. On their feed, you’ll find meal prep tips, along with other food-friendly information, like how many calories are in your favorite fruits, or fun cooking memes. And for those who really want to get on the meal prep action, it offers a 12-week master class that aims to help home cooks save time, shop better and eat cleaner. The account covers a wide variety of meal and snack ideas.

Food Prep Princess

Erin Romeo, aka the Food Prep Princess, aims to help her just under 50,000 Instagram followers get healthy and organized at the same time. She’s a nutritional coach with a passion for eating healthy foods all throughout the week. She has her own book about meal prep and offers an eight-week course for moms who want to get organized in the kitchen.

Meal Prep Daily

Meal Prep Daily has just under 400,000 Instagram followers, and its posts are about meal prep, food, fitness and fun, according to the account’s bio. Instead of just creating original content, the account curates photos and information from across the Internet. And true to their word, you’ll find plenty of fun memes and one-liners as well.


Based in the Netherlands, Floordeboor_fit is a Dutch Instagram account managed by 30-something Floordeboor, a psychiatrist who lost weight and got fit with meal prep. Her 25,000 followers can view meal prep photos, get information about weightlifting, see before and after pics and keep up with more from her life. She also manages a second account about plants.

Meow Meix

Amanda Meixner Rocchio runs the Meow Meix Instagram account, which has a whopping 1.3 million followers. Her goal is to make nutrition easy to understand and meal prep simple. In addition to meal prep, her account offers information on everything you ever wanted to know about food, from which foods have almost zero calories to the difference between activities like juicing and blending. She even has her own eBook about creating healthy snacks.

Fit Men Cook

Kevin Curry is the man behind the Fit Men Cook Instagram account, which has over 1.4 million followers, and his goal is to teach those followers how to live happier, healthier lives through meal prep and fitness. One look at his mouth watering feed, and you’ll understand why so many love to follow it, whether he’s making keto chicken wings or salmon fried rice. Curry also sells his own spices, meal plans and more via his website.

Meal Prep Society

Anyone who wants to see what other meal preppers are up to should head over to Meal Prep Society and join its over 104,000 Instagram followers. The feed features meal prep ideas from around the web, which often leads to the discovery of other meal prep influencers and nana influencers.

Work Week Lunch

If you’re all about meal prep without the diet culture, you can follow Work Week Lunch along with 412,000 other people who aren’t worried about gimmicks, fads or whether something is keto or paleo. Every single post inspired all sorts of meal prep ideas, and the account has even been featured in the New York Times. And for a small monthly fee, you can sign up to get customizable recipes, meal plans and grocery lists.

How 2 Meal Prep

How 2 Meal Prep claims to be the top meal prep Instagram account, and with 3.3 million followers, it’s hard to argue with that. The feed is filled with video how-tos and great information on meal prepping. You can also purchase their eBooks filled with meal plans and ideas. The Instagram account has been called one of the best places for those who are just starting out and want to learn more about meal prep.

Daily Vegan Meal Prep

If meal prep pages filled with chicken breasts, steaks and beef taco salads aren’t your thing, there’s Daily Vegan Meal Prep with just under 28,000 followers. It’s filled with inspiration and advice for anyone who isn’t a carnivore, though meat-eaters may find a few great side dishes and snacks here as well.

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