Product Update Sections:

This month, our entire IZEA team has been adjusting to the challenges posed by the Covid-19 pandemic, but we are still committed to developing features that provide improved experiences for our users.  In addition to providing some unique insights about the effects of the pandemic on our industry, we’ve spruced up a few of our products with new looks and details.

Covid-19 Impact

The novel coronavirus pandemic is affecting everyone across the globe.  To ensure our customers have the most compelling data and insights about the Influencer Marketing world in light of COVID-19, please check our Coronavirus Impact on Influencer Marketing Webinar, presented by IZEA CEO Ted Murphy.


Promoted Posts just keep getting better!  We’ve added some new features to help you target a more specific audience and clean up your dashboards.

Additional Targeting Fields
Hone in your audience with new targeting configurations for age, location, gender, and behaviors.

Draft Deletion
Clean up draft campaigns, ad sets, and ads that you’ve decided you no longer need.

Revamped Org Admin Lists

We’ve brought our sleek new Lists design to administrative users!  Now, Organization Administrators can see the improved Lists view, with all the same great and useful layouts, metrics, flyout profiles, and other features.


Noon isn’t always the best time for Facebook and Twitter content to go live, so we’ve put posting control back into the hands of the Creators, who know their audience and their engagement schedules best.  By removing AutoPublishing entirely from our platform, Creators can post content on their pages at times that they know work best for them, and for their followers.  Just remember to submit your links for verification afterwards!

Creator iOS Mobile App Updates

We’ve added a couple of features to the iOS app to help Creators better position themselves for opportunities, right from their phone.  This includes:

Renegotiation Support
Got an offer that’s almost perfect? Now you can negotiate a rate for a Direct Offer that makes a good opportunity into a great one, without leaving your app.

Connection Reauthentication
Ensure that your profile and metrics are up to date, now that you can see and reauthenticate any expired connections.