Traveling is a great way to see the wonders of the world and get in touch with unfamiliar cultures. Unfortunately, many travelers fail to consider how their adventures can affect the natural world around them. From their use of non-reusable plastics to their reliance on gas-powered vehicles, some travelers are anything but eco-friendly.

But with a little inspiration and insight, it’s possible to be a “greener” tourist. The following Instagram influencers have found ways to balance their passion for travel with their passion for the environment. And they offer plenty of tips that can help you do the same.

Ashley Renne

Professional photographer Ashley Renne developed a passion for exploring other cultures during a trip to Egypt. Since then, she’s been making content that promotes eco-friendly travel and sharing it with a large social media audience. How large? Her Instagram account, @heyashleyrenne, has more than 74.3K followers, while her YouTube account, @TravelLushes, has more than 24K subscribers.

Her content ranges from infographics about how to reduce waste while traveling to video reviews of solar panels, electric cars and vegan food. Follow her accounts to stay entertained and informed.

Margherita Ragg and Nick Burns

This eco-friendly duo shares their travels and adventuring tips on their blog, The Crowded Planet. Aside from the informative blog, they share captivating pictures from around the world on their Instagram account, @the_crowded_planet, which has more than 50K followers. They’re also active on Twitter, and they use the account @MargheNick to engage an audience of more than 89K followers.

Stefania Guglielmi

This travel influencer hails from Bologna, Italy, but she has roamed far from her roots. Her blog, Every Steph, focuses on green travel tips as well as healthy recipes. Expect to find entries that explain everything from how to travel around Mexico to how to make blueberry chia pancakes.

She has more than 40K followers on Instagram and more than 46K on Twitter. She uses the handle @everysteph for both accounts.

Torbjørn C. Pedersen

Denmark-native Torbjørn C. Pedersen is an influencer with an ambitious goal. He’s on a journey to visit every single country without catching a flight. It’s an eco-friendly way to travel, and it ensures he spends plenty of quality time with the people he meets along the way. You can follow Pedersen’s adventures on his Instagram account, @onceuponasaga, which has more than 18K followers. He also has a blog called Once Upon a Saga, and the written entries dive more into detail about his travels.

Misty Foster

Misty Foster runs the Instagram account called @greensuitcasetravel. The account, which has more than 15K followers, offers all sorts of inspirational and eco-friendly facts and quotes. Foster also shares a colorful spread of photos from around the world.

This influencer also has a blog, but she’s not the only contributing writer. Browse through the Green Suitcase Travel blog to find entries like “The 5 Best Sustainable Hotel Brands” and “A Guide to Carbon Offsetting.”


Natasha is an influencer who shares her collection of stunning and bright images from around the world on her Instagram account @lifeinminiaturepictures. The United Kingdom-native has more than 7K followers, and she describes herself as a “non-meateatian.” She’s passionate about gender equality as well as avocado on toast.

Brianne Miers

Brianne Miers is a Boston-based influencer who runs a blog called A Traveling Life. She’s been to more than 50 countries, so she has plenty of travel tips and destination guides to share with her audience. She focuses mostly on sustainable attractions. For example, some of blog entries include ” The 10 Best Eco-Friendly Tours in the World” and “Best Restaurants in Boulder: For People and the Planet.” You can keep up with her eco-friendly adventures by following her Instagram account, @brimiers. She has more than 9K followers.


Cherene is the influencer behind the blog called Wandering Redhead. Her love for travel has led her through more than 85 countries, and she’s eager to share her experiences in blog posts and images. On her blog, you’ll find travel tips for solo travelers as well as anyone who’s interested in ecotourism. Her Instagram account, @wanderingredheadcher, has more than 7K followers and plenty of photos that will inspire you to start your own journey.

If you have a brand that’s focused on travel services or devoted to eco-friendly practices, the aforementioned influencers could be useful additions to your team. Their communication skills, creative efforts and travel expertise can help you reach a broader online audience. And that increased brand awareness could translate to more leads and sales.

Of course, this list only offers a brief look at the many influencers out there. Choosing one to work with doesn’t have to be difficult though. As you search through a database of influencers, keep your brand’s voice and values in mind. By doing so, you’ll have an easier time finding the right person to represent your business on social media.