This month, our Engineers and Product Managers at IZEA added a number of new developments to our Promoted Posts feature.  Read below for some of the highlights:


New Promoted Posts Interface

Got great Creator content?  Native advertising is a fantastic way to put dollars towards getting that unique content out to a larger audience.  We’ve cleaned up Promoted Posts and made it easier to use so you can better boost exposure, traffic, and engagements.

Native Advertising on Facebook and Instagram
Promote content from eligible Creators on Facebook and Instagram, through that Creator’s own advertising account.

Intuitive Configuration and Estimated Audience Size
Effortlessly create and configure your Promoted Post campaign’s budget, flight dates, and target audience interests. Also, based on the criteria you set, immediately see your Promoted Post campaign’s potential reach, so you can tweak your campaign’s configurations as needed.

Promoted Posts Dashboard
Keep track of your Promoted Posts campaigns’ budget and performance with spend and metrics listed in a clear tabular view.

For more details on how to create your first Promoted Posts Campaign, visit our support portal