Art comes in many forms, and so do art influencers. Some of these influencers are artists who devote lots of time and effort into their creations, and then present them to the world. Other art influencers are critics or historians who help their followers analyze works and understand how those works fit into a broader context.

If you spend your time searching for works of art online or offline, you’ll want to keep an eye on the following influencers. They’ll direct you to impressive pieces that will awe and inspire you.


Just who is Banksy? No one seems to know. Despite this anonymity, the artist has been a prominent graffiti artist for more than 20 years. His stencil art often conveys satirical or darkly humorous themes, and his works have appeared everywhere from New York City to the Bethlehem Wall.

Although he’s made it clear that he doesn’t use Facebook or Twitter, Banksy has more than 6.7 million followers on Instagram. Whether you want to explore his controversial works or make an attempt to unmask him, follow this social media account.


KAWS is putting a modern spin on pop art. KAWS began his artistic endeavors with graffiti art in New York and New Jersey. Soon his cartoony creations made their way into esteemed spaces such as the Rosenblum Collection in Paris and the Modern Art Museum of Fort Worth. His paintings and sculptures boldly borrow elements from pop culture, including works based on “The Simpsons,” “Star Wars” and “Peanuts.”

Unlike Banksy, KAWS’ identify is already public. Brian Donnelly is the man behind the colorful art. This influencer has had plenty of commercial success, having designed album covers for Kanye West and collaborated with brands like Nike and Uniqlo. On Instagram, he has 2.6 million followers.

Takashi Murakami

KAWS lists Takashi Murakami as one his inspirations, so you might not be surprised to find that Murakami employs a cartoony aesthetic as well. His paintings and sculptures merge elements of Japan’s pop culture scene with the country’s more traditional art forms. He’s known as the founder of the “superflat” movement, and he has worked with recognizable labels like Louis Vuitton and influential artists like Kanye West.

You can see some of Murakami’s art on his Instagram account, @takashipom, which has more than 1.6 million followers. He’s also active on Twitter, where he has 189k followers.

Evan Puschak

Unlike the names listed so far, Evan Puschak is known for his video essays, which deconstruct works of art. He shares the videos on his YouTube channel, Nerdwriter1, which has more than 2.7 million subscribers. His Instagram also has over 10k followers.

Many of his Puschak’s essays touch on famous paintings, such as his videos “How to Understand a Picasso” and “The Death of Socrates: How to Read a Painting.” However, he also has a passion for film and often posts content that analyzes characters, scenes, dialogue and music from movies and television shows. His most popular video, which breaks down President Trump’s speech patterns, is a departure from the art scene altogether.

While the previously mentioned art influencers have millions of followers, you shouldn’t overlook the rising stars of the art scene. Below is a list of art experts who can also satiate your appetite for creative works.

Manzel Bowman

Manzel Bowman is a digital artist who conjures up Afro-futuristic images. He creates his otherworldly art by fusing together tribal figures with views of the cosmos. In addition to prints, his works are available on clothing and even a Tarot card deck. On Instagram, he uses the account @artxman to reach more than 132K followers.

Robin Sealark

Some art influencers do a little more than show off their own works and critique the works of others. They take the time to help you hone your own skills with tutorials. For example, Robin Sealark is a mixed-media painter who shares tutorials on her YouTube channel. Her more than 412K subscribers tune in for useful video guides, such as “5 Acrylic Painting Techniques,” as well as sillier content, such as “Things Artists Say (+Think).”

Eva Respini

With so much art out there, people often rely on the discerning eyes of curators to point them in the right direction. Eva Respini works as the Barbara Lee Chief Curator at the Institute of Contemporary Art in Boston. She uses her Instagram account, @curator_on_the_run, to share works of art and reflect on their significance to current events and social movements. She has more than 40K followers on Instagram.

If your brand embraces the arts, whether through promoting local artists or offering tutorials to aspiring creators, you should consider partnering with an art influencer. Influencers like the ones mentioned above have a level of credibility that can give your business a boost.

Once you find an influencer who matches well with your brand, ask them to serve as a bridge between your business and broader online audience.