Product Update Sections:

Influencers: Direct Pay
Marketers: Account & Campaign Lists

The Engineers and Product Managers at IZEAx are actively working to continue development on our platform to meet our customers’ needs and to accommodate the evolving influencer landscape. Listed below are some of the latest product updates that we wanted to highlight:


Improved Direct Pay Experience for Creators

We know that getting paid is critical, and we want to make the process as smooth as possible for our Creators. As part of this goal, we’ve updated the Creator Direct Pay experience with a fresh, new look.

Intuitive Navigation
Easily navigate to Direct Pay, which can now be found as a subsection of the Creator Finance Dashboard.

Improved Layout
See at a glance your transactions, requests, total pending, and total paid amounts.

Clear Item States and Actions
Better manage your payments with straightforward status labels and conspicuous alerts when something needs your attention.


Revamped Account and Campaign Lists

Say goodbye to the old, outdated Lists view, and hello to a bright new Lists experience! Now decked out with a similar look and feel to Unity Search, the most important information can be conveniently viewed at a glance.

Creator Stats and Content
Browse through your lists’ Creators the same way you browse your Unity Search results, with important information like Engagement Rates, Sponsorship Ratio, Followers, Rates, and example content all readily displayed.

Sort your list by New Creators, Followers, or Creator Name. Or, if you’re looking for someone in particular, search directly by their name.

Bulk Actions
Invite Creators to Bid on an open Opportunity, or send an email to everyone working on your Campaign. With bulk actions, you can build efficiencies into your workflow by reaching multiple Creators at a time.