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Somewhere around one in every 59 children are diagnosed with autism spectrum disorder (ASD), according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC). Boys are approximately four times more likely than girls to receive an ASD diagnosis, with most kids getting diagnosed after the age of four. ASD affects every socioeconomic and ethnic group.

The CDC defines ASD as a developmental disorder that has the potential to cause challenges in social interactions, behavior and communication. Raising awareness is one way to help everyone better understand the condition. It may also educate parents and caregivers to spot the signs earlier and seek intervention and therapies. These autism awareness influencers are sharing their journeys with others, educating and inspiring along the way. For brands and businesses, partnering with autism awareness influencers and nonprofits presents an opportunity to engage in cause marketing and to promote inclusion.

Autism awareness influencers to follow

The Aspie World

Daniel Jones doesn’t just advocate for people with ASD ― he shares videos, still photos and more to show what it’s like to be on the spectrum from his own perspective. He also provides tips on dealing with symptoms and helpful products that can help manage sensory issues and anxiety. He wrote an ebook, offering his audience free access to the content. Jones has 11,400 Twitter followers, 32,800 Instagram followers and 187,000 YouTube subscribers.

Sara Mills

Sara was diagnosed with autism as an adult and has a passion for sharing her story to help others. She’s also a makeup artist and has over 447,000 followers on Instagram. Sara is available to work with brands while sharing about her life with autism or makeup.

Haley Moss

Haley Moss is an artist, attorney, speaker and author. She is an advocate for autism awareness, and she holds the distinction of being the first woman with ASD to pass the Florida bar exam. She uses her social media pages to inspire individuals and families, and to celebrate neurodiversity. Her feed is filled with motivational sayings, candid shots and rallying calls for inclusion. Moss has over 12,000 followers on Instagram and is an avid neurodivergent keynote speaker and advocate.

Tara Hunkin

My Child Will Thrive by Tara Hunkin has over 7,000 followers on Facebook and an active Facebook community with 5,600 members, including parents of children with autism, ADHD and sensory processing disorder. Tara also has a podcast where she has episodes with practitioners and experts, as well as those sharing her own experience with her daughter and as a nutritionist.

Peachy Noa

Noa is a 20-year-old living with autism who talks about it on TikTok with their 27,400 followers. Noa shares what it’s like to live with autism and disability as a young person and how to be an autistic ally.

Brittyn – Autism Dietitian 

If you’re looking to understand how nutrition can help with autism, Brittyn’s Instagram is a resource. With over 23,000 followers, this autism dietitian has tons of nutrition tips and she even has her own Autism Nutrition Library where parents can sign up to get even more in-depth help.

Autism Supermoms with Anne G.

The Autism Supermoms’ feed is full of memes, quotes and other helpful autism support. Anne G. shares helpful content for those in the autism and ADHD world who are feeling disconnected or like there is no hope left. The account has over 94,000 followers.

Drewy Curious

This autistic actress and model is deaf and living with chronic illnesses. Her own experiences inspire her colorful Instagram page. Candid photos, uplifting affirmations and stunning scenery keep her over 8,600 followers engaged and checking in to see what she’s up to.

Raven Derose

Raven Derose, a 21-year-old from New Jersey, shares about her own autism with a positive twist on TikTok with her almost 50,000 followers. Raven doesn’t let autism stop her from seeing the good things in life. She talks a lot about how food has helped and hindered her experience with autism.


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