What Is a Micro Influencer?

Celebrity and other macro influencers seem to be everywhere. They’re well known to audiences across the globe, boasting millions of followers and partnerships with big brands.

However, micro influencers, those who usually have anywhere from 1,000 to 100,000 followers aren’t usually in the same spotlight. And they don’t usually have the same wide name recognition. However, one great thing about micro influencers is that they typically see higher rates of engagement with their audiences than those with larger followings do. And higher rates of engagement mean better ROI.

Micro influencers have the appeal of being everyday people, rather than out-of-touch mega-stars, and the content they create has value for their fans. It’s an appeal their followers trust and admire, and that brands recognize for delivering a high ROI. Adidas, Coca-Cola, CVS Pharmacy and Forever21 are just a few of the brands that partner with micro influencers on campaigns to reach their target markets.

Read on to learn more about some of the top micro Instagram influencers, the wide range of personalities they represent and the audiences they reach.

Family Wellness Influencer Michelle Gindi

Michelle Gindi is a mother of three who describes herself as a family wellness coach and goes by the name buddhabowlsandburpees on social media. With close to 24,000 followers on Instagram, Gindi’s content focuses on healthy, plant-based recipes that are easy for time-pressed parents to make.

She also posts positive mantras and inspirational quotes to motivate her followers. Her website also offers family wellness tips and recipes for dishes with names like easiest butternut squash soup and savory zucchini pancakes.

Beauty Influencer Christiana Gabrielle

With more than 62,000 followers on Instagram, Christiana Gabriele uses makeup to transform her looks in boundary-pushing ways. She’s no stranger to beauty products like bright yellow fluorescent eye shadow, glitter, and purple lipstick and not afraid to apply them generously. Gabriele uses her creative talents to decorate her face with colorful, eye-catching images, like rainbows, melting ice cream with sprinkles, sunrises, daisies and mermaids.

Fashion Influencer Steven Onoja

Teetering at the outer limits of micro-influencerdom with an impressive 96,500 followers, Steven Onoja displays his dapper style with panache on Instagram. Whether he’s wearing an olive-green suit with a black beret or denim with a kerchief and cowboy hat, Onoja makes fashion look easy.

The Nigerian born Onoja is also an artist and has been featured in publications including Details, Ebony, GQ and New York Magazine. His men’s style blog, Ostentation and Style features his fashion and style tips alongside photos of Onoja sporting his memorable ensembles.

Adventure Travel Influencer Alastair Humphreys

Not all travel-influencers stay at five-star hotels, fly first class and make diva-level demands. Alastair Humphreys cheerfully chronicles his rugged adventures with little more than a backpack and an upbeat attitude in tow.

His Instagram posts show him doing things like pitching tents in Greenland, mountain biking across challenging terrain, and spending a week on a raft in Scandinavia. With more than 42,000 followers, Humphreys describes his travels as “microadventures,” posting videos and photos of his trips, along with motivational quotes.

Interior Design Influencer Coco

Los Angeles-based Coco, who goes by Cococozy on Instagram is a style and design influencer who blends understated elegance with bright pops of color. With close to 84,000 followers, Coco showcases her interior design makeovers on Instagram, along with shots of interiors that inspire her.

She’s an in-demand home furnishings designer with her own line of home accessories and has partnered on design projects with brands including Tommy Hilfiger. She has also been featured in major design publications including Elle Décor, Architectural Digest and Interior Design.

Food Influencer Laura Ramirez

Found on Instagram as @laura_is_cooking, food influencer Laura Ramirez is a private chef, recipe creator and chocolate artist. Her relatively small following of 6,807 belies the incredible artistry of her creations.

Photos of Ramirez’s mouthwatering dishes, from canapés to grass-fed duck, beautifully decorated, finely detailed cakes and chocolates make her popular with foodies who appreciate aesthetics.

Finding the Right Micro Influencers

Bigger isn’t always better. Micro influencers can help brands reach a wide range of niche audiences with their specialized posts and videos on social media. They create valuable content for brands that reaches engaged followers on a variety of topics ranging from interior design to family wellness.

The down-to-earth appeal of micro influencers makes them more relatable to and trusted by their followers than some of the big names in the influencer marketing industry. And there are other benefits to working with micro influencers. Partnerships with micro influencers can also be more budget-friendly options for brands and easier to land than those with celebrity influencers.

There are millions of micro influencers around the world, and finding the right ones for your campaigns can be time-consuming and challenging. Brands need to be sure they’re working with reputable micro influencers who best represent their brand image.

These top micro Instagram influencers have real, engaged followers who reflect the target market of the brand they’re partnering with. They’re skilled in creating high-quality content that their audiences find helpful and/or entertaining and that’s relevant to the brand. Fortunately, brands and marketers can find more influencers like this with IZEAx Discovery.