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Although the best influencers make it look easy, the truth is that influencers have a lot on their plates. Not only do they need to come up with fresh, engaging content for the brands they partner with, they also need to make sure that content gets out to their audiences over social media.

Fortunately for most influencers (and influencer marketers), there are plenty of apps out there that help to streamline the process of influencer marketing. From programs that help you edit and optimize photos for social media to others that let you measure and track social media posts, here are some of the best influencer apps on the market.


  • What it does: Buffer lets you manage every social media account you have from one location. It works with Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, LinkedIn, and even Google+. You can also use Buffer to schedule posts for later on, and to track the performance of individual posts.
  • Why influencers/marketers love it: With Buffer, you don’t have to log into multiple accounts or recreate the wheel every time you want to create a new social media post. You also have the option of using the app to see how individual social media posts are performing, so you can determine whether or not a particular influencer marketing campaign had the impact you were hoping for.
  • What it costs: Multiple plans are available, ranging from free to around $400/month.
  • Where to get it:


  • What it does: Similar to Buffer, Hootsuite lets you manage your social media accounts, schedule posts, and track your social media performance. It has an auto-scheduling feature that determines the best time for posting. Like Buffer, it works on pretty much every social media platform (it also works on platforms not supported by Buffer, such as YouTube).
  • Why influencers/marketers love it: More than 16 million people in over 175 countries use or have used Hootsuite. In addition to scheduling and managing social media posts, the app also lets users create and manage social ads. Hootsuite is ideal for influencers or marketers who are working in larger teams.
  • What it costs: Multiple plans are available, ranging from free to custom quotes for marketers who are looking for an enterprise solution.
  • Where to get it:

Meet Edgar

  • What it does: Meet Edgar is another social media management/scheduling tool. As of mid-2018, it works with Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn. It plans to add Pinterest and LinkedIn soon. Users of Meet Edgar create a content library, which the app then uses to create and share posts. It also re-posts (or recycles posts) over time.
  • Why influencers/marketers love it: Meet Edgar’s ability to reshare posts is one feature that sets it apart from the other social media management apps out there. This feature means that evergreen content from influencers has the chance to see the light of day once again. If you’re already using Buffer, Hootsuite, or another social media scheduling tool, you can add Meet Edgar to them, or use it as a stand-alone social media management solution.
  • What it costs: $49/month.
  • Where to get it:


  • What it does: CoSchedule is a social media marketing platform, but it’s also so much more. Its features include a marketing calendar, project workflow management, email marketing, and intelligent auto-posting.
  • Why influencers/marketers love it: CoSchedule can be a great app for influencers who blog and have an email list as well as a strong social media presence, as it has tools for each one. The ReQueue feature fills in any gaps in a social posting schedule, and the measurement/analytics tools let influencers and marketers see how posts are performing.
  • What it costs: CoSchedule has plans for individuals, businesses, and agencies. Plans range from free to $1,200/month.
  • Where to get it:


  • What it does: CharacterCountOnline lets you copy and paste the text of a social media post to find out how many characters it contains. The app also analyzes word count and sentences, and can detect keywords and white space.
  • Why influencers/marketers love it: The app takes the guesswork out of creating social posts that are the appropriate length for a particular platform. It also helps influencers incorporate specific keywords into their posts and analyze how frequently they’re using the keywords.
  • What it costs: Free!
  • Where to get it:


  • What it does: Landscape resizes images for use on social media. The app will resize an image so that it’s optimized for use on Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Google+, YouTube, and Pinterest. There’s also a custom resizing option.
  • Why influencers/marketers love it: Landscape takes the hassle out of finding the appropriate image size to use for each social network. It also makes it easy to create images that look great, no matter where you post them.
  • What it costs: Free!
  • Where to get it:


  • What it does: Canva is a graphic design app that can also double a photo editor for influencers and marketers. You can use Canva to create graphics such as charts and bar graphs.
  • Why influencers/marketers love it: Canva can transform a so-so photo into an attention-grabbing work of art. It also gives you the option of adding text, speech bubbles, or icons to photos.
  • What it costs: Canva has three pricing tiers. The free version lets you upload and store your own images. The “for work” version costs $12.95 and includes access to thousands of free photos, plus team functionalities. Enterprise packages are also available, with the price TBD based on the size of the team.
  • Where to get it: