ORLANDO, FL (December 12, 2018)IZEA Worldwide, Inc. (NASDAQ: IZEA), operator of IZEAx®, the premier online marketplace connecting brands and publishers with influential content creators, today announced that IZEAx has been selected by a Fortune 500 technology company as its influencer marketing platform. The company will build out a private InfluencerCloud™ of online gamers within IZEAx, to promote the brand.

The company has vetted and hand selected key influencer ambassadors over the years, and will now manage this roster using IZEA’s private InfluencerCloud and workflow platform. This has long been a manual process, and the company has chosen IZEAx to scale this initiative using technology.  The company intends to provide its private influencers with exclusive sponsorship opportunities to promote the company’s various products. The company will use IZEAx to manage the sponsorship workflow, measure effectiveness, further grow its roster of influencers using IZEA’s opt-in marketplace of Creators, and facilitate compensation and gifting.

“As brands continue to gain sophistication in their influencer marketing efforts, many have already developed groups of curated influencers who receive ongoing sponsorship opportunities,” said Ted Murphy, Founder and CEO of IZEA. “A significant number of brands still attempt to manage the data, relationships, and activations manually – but as their network grows, that becomes both time consuming and impractical. A private InfluencerCloud provides brands with all the tools available in IZEAx, scoped to their own private network of influencers. All of the influencer data and content gathered by IZEAx is updated programmatically, and CRM functionality built into the platform makes it easy to manage relationships across the enterprise.”

“The private network becomes the core of a brand’s influencer marketing effort, while ongoing discovery and sponsorship of new influencers helps to broaden the base and reach new audiences,” continued Murphy. “In this way, the brand is able to easily migrate its manual network of influencers onto our technology platform and continuously prune and grow its participants to optimize for both performance and quality of content.”

The private InfluencerCloud feature in IZEAx allows brands to white label IZEA’s influencer marketing platform, with custom branding and a unique domain for influencers to sign up. Marketers utilizing the private InfluencerCloud are able to create sponsorship opportunities to target to their own network or access the greater IZEA network simultaneously.

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