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They say a photo is worth 1,000 words. The top photography influencers have mastered pointing their cameras and saying so much without uttering a sound. Here are 25 of the best.

25 Top Photography Influencers

top photography influencer Benjamin Lowly

Ben Lowy

Ben Lowy is a photojournalist with 228,000 followers and one of the top photography influencers. His photos range from beautiful shots of nature to alarming portraits.

top photography influencer Asa Sjostrom

Asa Sjostrom

Asa Sjostrom is a Swedish photographer with 28,400 followers on Instagram. As one of the top photography influencers, she takes moving photos of her family, women, and children.

Pei Ketron Top Photography Influencer

Pei Ketron

Pei Ketron is one of the top photography influencers with 808,000 followers on Instagram. She’s well known for her mobile photography, and is serving as a juror for Film North’s Mobile Photography Competition.

Paul Nicklen Top Photography Influencer

Paul Nicklen

Photographer Paul Nicklen is one of the top top photography influencers and a contributing photographer for National Geographic. He has 3.7 million Instagram followers, where he regularly posts images of nature, particularly animals in their natural habitats.

Murad Osmann Top Photography Influencer

Murad Osmann

Murad Osmann is a photographer who gained Insta-fame for taking photos of his (now) wife “leading” the way on several vacations. The top photography influencer has 4.6 million followers.

Mario Testino Top Photography Influencer

Mario Testino

Mario Testino is a top photography influencer and fashion photographer with 3.4 million followers on Instagram. Along with portraits of various fashion luminaries on his Insta feed, you’ve probably seen his work gracing the cover of several fashion magazines.

Chris Bukard Top Photography Influencer

Chris Buckard

Chris Buckard is another nature photographer who has amassed a big following on Instagram — 2.8 million followers. The top photography influencer doesn’t just take run-of-the-mill photos. Some of his pictures are from the pretty places on earth, like Greenland under the northern lights.

Victor Cobo Top Photography Influencer

Victor Cubo

Artist/photographer/top photography influencer Victor Cobo produces some hauntingly beautiful images, and posts them on his Instagram feed. He has 15,000 followers and the respect of many of the more-established photographers on the platform.

Michael Yamashita Top Photography Influencer

Michael Yamashita

Michael Yamashita is another one of the top photography influencers who works as a National Geographic photographer. He has a big Instagram following — 1.3 million followers. While some of his colleagues focus on animals and nature, Yamashita focuses on images of daily life across Asia.

Dylan Furst Top Photography Influencer

Dylan Furst

Dylan Furst, or “Fursty,” as he’s known on Instagram, has 1.2 million followers. He’s a top photography influencer and outdoor photographer who regularly posts pictures of all the beauty and greatness nature has to offer.

Matt Slaby Top Photography Influencer

Matt Slaby

Based in Denver, top photography influencer Matt Slaby creates photos and videos. His photos are often of interesting subjects, or of subjects in interesting juxtapositions. He often adds witty or humorous captions to his posts. Slaby has 76,000 followers.

Stacy Kranitz Top Photography Influencer

Stacy Kranitz

Stacy Kranitz is a documentary photographer whose pictures focus on people’s real lives across the US. There’s something gritty and real about this top photography influencer’s images, as well as something beautiful. She has 100,000 followers.

Jilmmy Chin Photography Influencer

Jimmy Chin

Jimmy Chin is another National Geographic photographer who’s built up a big Instagram following of 1.7 million followers. The top photography influencer has been taking photos professionally for nearly 20 years (since 1999). Thanks to social media, he’s been able to connect with a younger audience that enjoys his nature and sports-themed photos.

David Guttenfelder Photography Influencer

David Guttenfelder

There’s no rule that says you need to be a photojournalist for Nat Geo to be a top photography influencer, but David Guttenfelder and his colleagues seem to be trying to prove otherwise. Guttenfelder has 1.1 million followers. While he’ll use heavy-duty photo equipment when taking pictures for the press, on Instagram he limits himself to mobile-only snaps.

Gueorgui Pinkhassov Photography Influencer

Gueorgui Pinkhassov

Gueorgui Pinkhassov has 76,500 followers on Instagram. His feed is full of beautifully detailed, close-up shots of everyday, otherwise mundane objects.

Jackson Harries Photography Influencer

Jackson Harries

While other photography influencers got started as photographers first and became influencers later, Jackson Harries flipped the script. His career as a photographer and video artist was born on social media. He has 1.7 million followers, and regularly posts images of causes near and dear to him.

Steve McCurry Photography Influencer

Steve McCurry

To scroll through Steve McCurry’s Instagram feed is to look deep into the soul of numerous other people. McCurry’s another Nat Geo photographer who got popular on Instagram (2.3 million followers). His work has also appeared in the “NY Times.”

Hannes Becker Photography Influencer

Hannes Becker

Self-described “German roamer” Hannes Becker has 1.1 million Instagram followers. His photographs include breathtaking images of landscapes and nature.

Pete Souza Photography Influencer

Pete Souza

Pete’s Souza’s recipe for success as an influencer seems to be take photographs of one of the most popular presidents. His feed is littered with portraits of President Obama, and he has a book coming out full of pictures of the former president. Souza is the former official photographer for the White House, and has 1.6 million followers.

Alec Soth Photography Influencer

Alec Soth

Alec Soth is a photographer and artist who runs the company Little Brown Mushroom. The goal of Little Brown Mushroom is to encourage more artists and photographers to experiment and create visual stories. Soth has 139,000 followers.

Elizabeth Huey Photography Influencer

Elizabeth Huey

Photographer and painter Elizabeth Huey has talent seeping out of her. She’s a great painter, and regularly posts images of her work on Instagram. She’s also an incredibly talented photographer. Huey has 36,800 followers.

Chien-Chi Chang Photography Influencer

Chien-Chi Chang

Chien-Chi Chang seems to be a person of few words. There’s nothing in his Instagram profile to tell us who he is. But that’s OK, since pictures are worth a thousand words and Chang has plenty of them. He has 105,000 followers.

Theron Humphrey Photography Influencer

Theron Humphrey

Theron Humphrey gained fame and followers on Instagram while filming a documentary across all 50 states of the US and Instagramming his journey along the way. The documentary got picked up by (guess who?) National Geographic and the rest is history. Today, he has 1.2 million followers.

Katrin Koenning Photography Influencer

Katrin Koenning

German photographer Katrin Koenning’s Instagram feed is full of strange and strangely beautiful images. She has 55,000 followers.

Eugene Richards Photography Influencer

Eugene Richards

Eugene Richards is a documentary photographer based in NYC. His photos capture people in a variety of settings, but always make it clear that Richards cares about the subjects he’s photographing. He has 22,200 Instagram followers.

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