IZEA is constantly pushing code to improve both its user experience and quality of Content and Influencer Marketing campaign execution through its IZEAx Unity Suite. Here’s what’s new in IZEAx 2.7 product updates:

Flexible Timelines

In response to partner requests to improve timelines in IZEAx’s Offer workflow, we proudly introduce our newest update: Flexible Timelines. Flexible Timelines allow marketers to set flexible due dates for better control of their content production flow. Dates are modifiable throughout the offer workflow and allow Marketers to adjust their deadlines on the fly to accommodate world scenarios and external factors.

Campaign Flight Dates

Users can now configure campaign start and end dates for flighting. Default Flight Dates are set when Marketers create Opportunities and send Offers and can be adjusted at any point during the Campaign.

Due & Publish Dates

Marketers now have the ability to set specific dates and deadlines for when content is due and when it should be published. Due dates can be modified on a per-offer basis at any point during the workflow, which will, in turn, notify Creators of the updated deadlines. Plus, offers that require manual publishing are also now more visible than ever, pushing email notification to Creators to remind them to post their content.

Delegated Content Review

Delegated Content Review for IZEA’s Enterprise Suite gives clients a more hands-on process for approving the Creator work. This feature is available for managed services clients as well as partners who have enabled the Enterprise Suite.

This feature improves efficiency and reduces communication errors. Multiple Clients can now review content before it is published, view comments made by others and add their own. Also new, customizable client review deadlines ensure review and approval commence in a timely manner.

Stay tuned for future product updates, and, as always, Champion the Creators!