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In 2016, many brands realized that they could dramatically increase their Social Media marketing initiatives by aligning with top Instagram Influencers. We’ve selected the top 50 Instagram Influencers of 2016 for you to meet:

50 Top Instagram Influencers 2016

Taylor Swift Instagram

Taylor Swift

1. Taylor Swift is a pop music princess and consistently one of the top Instagram influencers 2016: 95.7M followers.

Beyonce Instagram


2. Beyoncé is an international superstar singer, actress and one of the 2016 top Instagram influencers: 91.2M followers.


Kim Kardashian West Instagram

Kim Kardashian West

3. Kim Kardashian West is a reality TV personality and a top Instagram influencer in 2016: 89.7M followers.

Cristiano Ronaldo Instagram

Cristiano Ronaldo

4. Cristiano Ronaldo is a Portuguese professional football player and a 2016top Instagram influencer: 86.2M followers.

Kendall Jenner Instagram

Kendall Jenner

5. Kendall Jenner is a top Instagram influencer in 2016 part of the famous Kardashian family and a high-end fashion model: 71.8M followers.

Leo Messi Instagram Influencer

Leo Messi

6. Leo Messi is an Argentine professional football player and one of the top Instagram influencers in 2016: 62.5M followers.

Cara Delevingne Instagram Influencer

Cara Delevigne

7. Cara Delevigne is an actress, fashion model and 2016 top Instagram influencer: 36.5M followers.

Harry Styles Instagram Influencer

Harry Styles

9.   Harry Styles is a member of the band One Direction and 2016 top Instagram influencer: 19.4M followers.

Niall Horan Instagram Influencer

Niall Horan

10. Niall Horan is a singer and member of the band One Direction and one of the top Instagram influencers in 2016: 18.44M followers.

Zayn Malik Instagram Influencer

Zayn Malik

11.  Zayn Malik is an English singer/songwriter and 2016 top Instagram influencer: 18.1M followers.

Zach King Instagram Influencer

Zach King

12. Zach King is a comedian and one of the 2016 top Instagram influencers: 17M followers.

Huda Kattan Instagram Influencer

Huda Kattan

13. Huda Kattan is a top Instagram influencer of 2016 who’s known for makeup artistry and beauty blogging: 16.4M followers.

One Direction Instagram Influencer

One Direction

14. One Direction is an English boy band group and one of 2016’s top Instagram influencers: 17.2M followers.

Liam Payne Instagram Influencer

Liam Payne

15. Liam Payne is a singer and former member of the band One Direction: 12.3M followers.

Cameron Dallas Instagram Influencer

Cameron Dallas

16. Cameron Dallas is an American Internet personality: 17.2M followers.

Louis Tomlinson Instagram Influencer

Louis Tomlinson

17. Louis Tomlinson is a singer and a member of the band One Direction: 11.9M followers.

Nash Grier Instagram Influencer

Nash Grier

18. Nash Grier is an Internet personality: 9.8M followers.

The Fat Jew Instagram Influencer

Josh Ostrovsky

19. Josh Ostrovsky is an Internet personality: 9.3M followers.

Oohsehun Instagram Influencer


20. Oohsehun is a South Korean actor and singer: 8.5M followers.

Baekhyun Instagram Influencer


21. Baekhyun is a South Korean actor and singer: 8.3M followers.

Chiara Ferragni Instagram Influencer

Chiara Ferragni

22. Chiara Ferragni is a top fashion blogger: 7.7M followers.

Luhan Instagram Influencer


23. Luhan is a Chinese singer and actor: influences 7.1M followers.

Kayla Itsines Instagram Influencer

Kayla Itsines

24. Kayla Itsines is a fitness and motivational guru: 6M followers.

Camila Coelho Instagram Influencer

Camila Coelho

25. Camila Coelho is a Brazilian beauty, makeup and lifestyle blogger: 5.3M followers.

Mariano Di Vaio Instagram Influencer

Mariano Di Vaio

26. Mariano Di Vaio is a men’s fashion lifestyle blogger: 5.2M followers.

Jay Alvarrez Instagram Influencer

Jay Alvarrez

27. Jay Alvarrez is an adventure lifestyle blogger: 4.8M followers.

Murad Osmann Instagram Influencer

Murad Osmann

28. Murad Osmann is a Russian photographer: 4.5M followers.

Julie Sarinana Instagram Influencer

Julie Sarinana

29. Julie Sarinana is a fashion industry blogger: 4.2M followers.

Joanna Gaines Instagram Influencer

Joanna Gaines

30. Joanna Gaines is an HGTV personality: 3.7M followers.

Marcus Butler Instagram Influencer

Marcus Butler

31. Marcus Butler is a celebrity lifestyle blogger: 3.6M followers.

Alejandra Soto Instagram Influencer

Alejandra Soto and Ian L.

32. Alejandra Soto and Ian L. are the founders of The Billionaires Club: 2.9M followers.

Chris Burkard Instagram Influencer

Chris Burkard

33. Chris Burkard is a California photographer specializing in nature work: 2.2M followers.

Gil Antolin Instagram Influencer

Gil Antolin

34. Gil Antolin is a luxury lifestyle personality: 2.4M followers.

Dr. Mike Instagram Influencer

Dr. Mike

35. Dr. Mike is a physician and motivational blogger: 2.2M followers.

Grumpy Cat Instagram Influencer

Grumpy Cat

36. Grumpy Cat is a disgruntled feline that has appeared on major TV networks: 2M followers.

Ingrid Nilsen Instagram Influencer

Ingrid Nilsen

37. Ingrid Nilsen is a makeup and beauty stylist: 1.7M followers.

Louis Cole Instagram Influencer

Louis Cole

38. Louis Cole is global travel and adventure blogger: 1.4M followers.

Meghan Rienks Instagram Influencer

Meghan Rienks

39. Meghan Rienks is a food blogger: 1.3M followers.

Andreea Cristina Instagram Influencer

Andreea Cristina

40. Andreea Cristina is a fashion, food and lifestyle blogger: 1.3M followers.

Hayden Williams Instagram Influencer

Hayden Williams

41. Hayden Williams is a British illustrator and fashion designer: 1.2M followers.

Theron Humphrey Instagram Influencer

Theron Humphrey

42. Theron Humphrey is a photographer focusing on travel with his rescue dog: 1.2M followers.

Seb Lester Instagram Influencer

Seb Lester

43. Seb Lester is an English designer and calligrapher: 1.1M followers.

Julia Engel Instagram Influencer

Julia Engel

44. Julia Engel is a beauty lifestyle personality: 1M followers.

Ella Mills Instagram Influencer

Ella Mills

45. Ella Mills is a healthy lifestyle and food blogger: 995K followers.

Jade Marie Instagram Influencer

Jade Marie

46. Jade Marie is a beauty and makeup expert: 976K followers.

Fredrik Eklund Instagram Influencer

Fredrik Eklund

47. Fredrik Eklund is a NYC real estate broker and reality TV personality: 739K followers.

Dylan Werner Instagram Influencer

Dylan Werner

48. Dylan Werner is a professional yoga instructor: 384K followers.

Hannah Bronfman Instagram Influencer

Hannah Bronfman

49. Hannah Bronfman is a fitness lifestyle expert: 337K followers.

Grant Cardone Instagram Influencer

Grant Cardone

50. Grant Cardone is a real estate tycoon and author: 224K followers.

These movers and shakers in the influencer marketing world come from varied industries and backgrounds, but one thing’s for sure—they’re the best at what they do, and the numbers show it.

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