I spend quite a bit of time keeping up with Social Media & Marketing news, trends, insight, etc. by reading articles, newsletters, blog posts, and more. After all, this space is moving quicker than we can blink an eye.

Quite often, engaging with others is part of gaining news and knowledge, and that can sometimes be in the form of conversation in article/blog comments. If I read something I either agree with, disagree with, or simply want to find out more about I leave a comment. (And let me add that I will almost always attach my name, a photo, and contact information (be it a direct e-mail address or my Twitter handle), because I believe in and practice full transparency.)

A few days ago I went to leave a comment on an article posted on a pretty well-known industry site–which I won’t name–and was a tad bummed to get this after including all my information:

I’m a believer that comments should be moderated, but there’s just something about having to have my comment “approved” that doesn’t feel totally social to me. Aren’t these comments part of what instigates conversation? Am I alone in this, or do you feel the same?

So the big question is: Do you feel article/blog comments should be approved before going live? Or merely monitored (and spam or mean-spirited feedback is pulled down)?