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Pier 1 Tweetup in Utah!

By December 22, 2010June 3rd, 2019Community

Last Wednesday, Crystal and I headed west- waaayyy west- to attend a Pier 1 sponsored tweetup, hosted by four of the most fabulous blogging ladies to storm a Pier 1 in Salt Lake City, Utah!

The ladies were:

After a five-hour flight featuring warm chocolate cookies and a showing of Dr. Seuss’s holiday classic (shoutout to Frontier Airlines!!), How the Grinch Stole Christmas, we were so ready to crash into our hotel room.  First impressions of Utah: cold, snowy!, dark, expansive, and well laid-out!  At first, the whole thing with the street numbers confused us.  After somebody explained that they all stem from the temple downtown, it made more sense, but we still got lost. I think it had to do with the snowed-over street signs!

We were so excited to meet with these ladies, who produced such beautiful posts for our Pier 1 campaign!  You can read them here, here, here and here!  All together now, *swoon.*  Awesome posts, right?  I gotta say, I’m in love with the placemats-turned-pillows that Char from CrapIveMade churned out.  So creative and unique- now that’s a crafter, people!

Pier 1 set us up with some awesome stuff to giveaway to attendees- like these wonderful reusable shopping bags, and a $10-off-of-$50 purchase coupon!And, wouldn’t you know it, being the crafty ladies they are, we even got custom-made name tags.  On the spot!  Here is Crystal sporting her sweet name tag, courtesy of the lovely Rebecca from BlueCricketDesign

The Tweet Up was a blast!  I honestly wish you’d have been there!  Every couple of hours we gave out a $500 gift card, furnished by Pier 1!  Can you imagine the things you could get for $500?!  Goodbye shopping list!  Consider that done, right?  Pier 1 has gifts for every corner of your house- from functional items, to decorative items, and even quirky numbers like an over-sized fork and spoon (I’m talking like 5 ft tall forks).

We got to meet so many awesome bloggers and were ecstatic to give away the gift cards!  We had around 200 entries in total for the 4 gift cards!  I also got a nice snapshot with the ladies- note to self- get more sun.  I wasn’t the only fan, another blogger showed up with an ‘I <3 House of Smiths’ t-shirt!  Now that’s dedication.Between the meet-n-greet of the bloggers and helping spread some decorative holiday cheer (which was so easy with Pier 1’s cute products, it’s safe to say a fun time was had by all).  Pier 1’s official Twitter account ( was helping us spread the word about the live tweetup, and even helped us trumpet shout-outs to our 4 winners!

The four winners were:

  • Laila-
  • Staci- and@acers14
  • Melissa
  • Chelsea-

We actually got a sweet set of snapshots of our second and fourth winners, Staci and Chelsea, taken by our expert photog, Crystal, during their ‘did I just win?’ moment! The photos were actually of the big crowd, and when we looked through the shots, we realized Crystal had captured all of her reactions- so cool!

The bloggers were so fun to work with and super helpful!  Say hello to Char and Rebecca, between Staci’s and Chelsea’s photostrips!As you can see from the above (middle) photo, attendees of the event received a free reusable shopping bag and a $10-off-of-$50 purchase coupon, courtesy of our awesome sponsors, Pier 1 Imports.  Each coupon had a ticket stapled to it, which entered the attendee in our $500 gift card giveaway.  Additional entries were provided to attendees who spent $50+ and who provided their blog info!

If you attended the event and provided your blog info, get ready to hear from our team!  We would love to get more involved with you, so stay tuned!  We hope this is the first of many blogger events and we’re looking forward to share each and every one with you all!