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Personal Branding No-Nos?

By July 2, 2010June 3rd, 2019Community

Yesterday I ran across an interesting article posted on Social Media Today, talking ’bout the importance of personal branding (which has always been something we firmly believe in…at least if you want to be successful in Social Media). This particular piece focuses on the “what not to dos” of personal branding. Curious to know if you feel the same way, and if there are any others you think should be included in this list (below)?

Dan Shwabel, the author of the article, lists these as the “mistakes”:

  1. Over-communicating.
  2. Using interactive communication for advertising.
  3. Inconsistency.
  4. Being selfish.
  5. Negativity.

What do you do in your social media practices to enhance your personal brand? And how do you ensure you’re providing interesting & relevant content for your readers/followers? Any tips for your fellow Social Media practioners?

The same article also presents some interesting data on consumers’ opinions about brands (hey…something we just talked about yesterday…at least regarding Facebook) engaging on Twitter. Is this data surprising to you?

So, 1/2 of the folks polled for this particular question think brands should engage with customers online. Again, the big question is: what do the customers want to hear?

*photo courtesy of ws23’s Flickr photostream