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Companies Using Facebook

By July 1, 2010June 3rd, 2019Community

How should brands make use of Facebook?

I, personally, am a big believer that companies–regardless of their size–should have a presence in Social Media. Especially Facebook. I will, however, add a caveat that said companies should only have a presence on Facebook if they’re going to be active and engaged with their fans. There’s nothing more annoying than becoming a fan of a brand you love, only to be left out in the cold or strictly get Press Release updates or blog post promotions. The big question, really, is what sort of content are the fans truly looking for by following their favorite brands on Facebook?

Here at IZEA we try to supply our Facebook fans with fun facts, [unique] contests & promotions, updates on product releases, and upcoming sponsored content Opportunities. I feel like we do a pretty good job balancing all this…although I’d love to hear if you feel differently. (My general philosophy, too, is to keep this content different from that on Twitter, although there is sometimes cross-pollination if we’re looking to generate awareness of really fun & cool campaigns.) Quite often we’ll give away promo items to people simply for uploading Fan Photos or sharing stories with us!

Top 50 companies using Facebook in June 2010

So we already know you’re a fan of ours on Facebook, but what other brands do you follow? Why do you follow them on this particular channel, and are they providing you with content that keeps you interested? Are they giving you something you–as a consumer–aren’t able to get in their other forms of Marketing? Are some of your faves included in this list of the Top 50 Branded Facebook Pages for the month of June*?

These guys are obviously doing something right….

* list courtesy of Ignite Social Media