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By November 23, 2009 8 Comments

Last week we ran into a few last minute issues that caused a delay in the big PayPerPost/inPostLinks transition. We are still moving ahead, but have made the decision to hold off until next Monday when all the developers are in the office incase something blows up, catches fire or just doesn’t work right.

Discontinued PPP Programs

You should know that PPP Direct and the PPP Affiliate program are being discontinued when v3 moves over to IPL. If you have PPP badges, buttons, forms or links on your blog now is a good time to remove them. They won’t work after next Monday.

v4 Pricing Adjustment

In addition to PPPv3/IPL transition we will be making a one time pricing adjustment to all current blogs inside v4. We have been working hard with our advertisers to gather feedback on this marketplace and understand pricing as it compares to other options and competitors.

Some of you are overpriced, some of you are under priced. We are going to do a systematic update to all blogs in an attempt to normalize pricing and maximize deal flow through the marketplace.

I know that this is always a scary thing for people, but please know you remain in control. After the update if you think your price is too high or too low you can always set it back to whatever you want. We are simply trying to help our bloggers meet the expectations of advertisers.

If you have any questions please feel free to post them here.


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  • i hope on the next update, i will be able to get opps on v4 already.. i have received a lot of opp matches but they never became offers..

  • fracas says:

    So where does a person go to access their account with the old PPP? There doesn’t seem to be anywhere to log into that, and when I log into the new version, my $ balance does not carry over. Where is a person supposed to access any $ balance they had in the old version?

  • ted murphy says:

    You will want to go to

  • fracas says:

    Thank you. I’d been there earlier, since the link is on the new page, but had trouble logging in so thought I was in the wrong place.

  • fracas says:

    @ted murphy: Ok. I had thanked you, then went to log in. I realized what I was doing wrong and managed to get in, but am still frustrated. I’ve clicked through every option in the ‘my account’ area and find nowhere to tell it anything about how to pay me my balance. I do realize there are days yet to go on the waiting period for the assignments, but it doesn’t make me want to continue doing assignments if I can’t see how the process plays through.

    Why is the system so frustrating?

    Since there are no more opportunities available in the old PPP (now InPostLinks) then I would like to know that the balance sitting there (small or not) is going to be available to me. If not and I lose it, that’s not much incentive for me to try your new version.

    I’m not a stupid person and can’t imagine I’m the only person out there who is finding this frustrating.

  • DishtankDJ says:

    Man, So far I haven’t qualified for anything on inpostlinks and there really haven’t been many opportunities even that I don’t qualify for….I sure hope this changes soon….

  • Ashley Edwards says:

    @DishtankDJ: Stick with it! Remember, inpostlinks just launched yesterday.

  • sanjay says:

    Hi, i have just created a blog and have posted 10 posts so far.. can i register my blog with PPP right away or is der any requirements like no. of posts to be added in the blog before registering???

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