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New Information on Twitter Advertising

Just when you thought if you ran ad on Twitter that everyone would unfollow you condemn you forever, a new Performics study says that you will be just fine.

According to the study, more than 3,000 people who use actually Twitter not only don’t mind ads, but 44% are receptive to promotions and offers with 44% (probably not all the exact same people) have recommended a product in a tweet.

twitter advertising

According to Performics “The study found that marketers who embrace the medium and communicate relevant messages in consumers’ language and on their terms could gain customers and grow sales.” Full Disclosure:  We had nothing to do this, which does seem to be overwhelming endorsement for the Sponsored Tweets model.

For marketers, it gets even better.  34% who see an ad on a social networking site use a search engine to find more information on a product or service. The study also indicated that “consumers are willing to engage with – and buy from – brands on social networking sites.”

This should really serve as a wake up call for both content creators and marketers that have not embraced Twitter’s true potential. Scott Haiges, President of ROI Research, reinforced what we have always believed when he said “We knew that these sites are extremely popular for socializing, but the level of interest for branding and promotional marketing content is surprisingly large.”

So for everyone sitting on the sidelines, it’s time to jump into the game and give them what they are looking for!


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