Knowledge is power.

Someone famous said that, I think. And it’s certainly true. Though we’ve probably seen many posts similar to this you can never have too much information, I believe. Besides, I feel we often get desensitized to things–and blogging is certainly no different–so refreshers are always good.

So yesterday I sent out a request via Twitter and Facebook to get your blogging tips and best practices. Who better to get this from than directly from the folks who are on the frontline? I thought I’d compile this feedback into one place for all to see; there’s some good stuff here.

In the end keeping these tips & practices top-of-mind can only make you a better blogger, and you’ll likely get better Opportunities in SocialSpark and PayPerPost as well.

Do you have a checklist (actual or mental) that you review prior to publishing a post? If you do I bet some of these are on there….

From Twitter

@thesnackhound: “My blogging tip is the same tip I give someone who is going out on a date: Be Yourself!!!!”

@KatArgonza: “Brevity. Use only enough to get your point across. Too many words can get convoluted.”

@kholloway: “Update frequently and be yourself!”

@blm03: “Use proper grammar, punctuation, etc. I am not going to read a post that’s in all caps.”

checklist@Timothy_Jones: “Not sure if it’s a tip, but I always try to remember what the blog is supposed to be “about” when writing – content matches intent.”

@BenSpark: “Remember your audience…I mean don’t bore them, belittle them or begrudge them. Be interesting, informative and engaging.”

@db: “An interesting catchy headline, proper pacing and always keep your reader in mind when writing.”

@manuelchao: “Never write in anger (you can make a better post if you cool down, take a deep breath, and see things in perspective).”

@db: “When you first start you try things. As you go along you get indicators from your audience to what works. Give them what they want.”

@steven_sanders: “Don’t eat yellow snow.” (Sorry…this one was just too funny to not include!)

@lisamariemary: “Capitalize EVERY word of your title! Don’t follow publishing rules, where u don’t cap. ‘the’ ‘and’ etc…”

From Facebook

Heather in Beautiful BC: “Don’t ever share online what you don’t want the ENTIRE world to know!

If you have additional tips that aren’t covered, or you agree or disagree with any here, feel free to add your input in the comments section.

Updated 9:48AM EST: Just received another tip via the @IZEALove Twitter, from @draggonblogger: “Spell check your work and re-read it over, wrong words used are as bad as misspelled ones.”