It’s been two weeks since the last SocialSpark release and the team has been working hard to respond to some great suggestions that came after that release and the free webinar. Thanks to everyone who contacted us with their feedback via email or GetSatisfaction! The next few releases should address many of your requests. Here’s what’s slated for tomorrow afternoon’s release:

New This Week:

  • CPC payouts will now occur five (5) days after a click occurs. This will allow IZEA time to identify and address fraud that isn’t detected automatically.
  • Disclosure badges for CPC and CPA Opportunities will now be consolidated into one ad unit on the Get Code page. You’ll be able to choose your desired Disclosure Badge color when you click the Get Code button next to the disclosure badge.
  • Bloggers will no longer be able to get the installation code for CPC and CPA opps that have ended (they will still be able to view the campaign stats).
  • Posts waiting for a Mechanical Turk review will get put into the regular reviewer queue if they are not picked up after 5 days.
  • Automated messages/emails sent to users have been cleaned up and now include consistent IZEA contact information.

Fixed This Week:

  • Autoreject was rejecting posts erroneously for not having the required link, even when they did contain the required link(s). This has been fixed.
  • Duplicate ad units were created when advertisers returned to the Asset Upload page during Opp Creation. This has been resolved.
  • Fixed a crash that caused CPC/CPA saves to fail when any field contained special characters.
  • The system was sending out invite/request approval emails before validating available funds, so some users received emails erroneously. This should no longer occur.
  • Advertiser Profiles now show all open, paused, and ended Opportunities that would appear in Browse Blogs under the “All” filter.
  • Cleaned up the functionality around ending CPC opportunities. When a CPC opp has run out of funds, it will no longer continue to track conversions or attempt to pay out.
  • Fixed a Javascript error that was occurring when filtering on the Browse Users page.
  • Transaction History now shows the history for All accounts by default for users that have both Blogger and Advertiser accounts.

Tomorrow’s release should require no extended downtime. The changes will take effect sometime in the early afternoon EDT.

We have quite a bit in the works for the next two releases as well, including the ability for advertisers to end their own CPC opps, remove participants from their CPC opps, cancel auto-renewal of CPC budgets, and choose which types of social ad units they wish to allow for CPC and CPA opps.

always, we welcome your honest feedback. Please feel free to take
advantage of the GetSatisfaction widget appearing on the left-hand side
of all pages in SocialSpark, or go straight to the Feedback area now:




  • Carri Bright says:

    Thanks, Jamie!
    There is a lot of great stuff here.
    I also wanted to remind everyone that while Get Satisfaction is a wonderful resource for general feedback or questions, it is a third party site, so we have no way to access your PPP or SocialSpark account from there.
    Should you have a question about your specific account, blog, post or opportunity, you will be better served by submitting a ticket to Customer Love.
    All the Best,

  • erin says:

    DEV TEAM RULES!!! Great job with all the updates. You all deserve a big hug , or a slice of chocolate cake if you like your personal space 🙂

  • Jamie Kite says:

    Thanks guys!! Eric, Dray, and Casey (in no particular order) have really been making huge progress behind the scenes and I’m glad to share this small summary of that work with everyone. There really are too many things to list here in terms of what changes in SocialSpark each week!!

  • Great stuff! Also, I’m sure folks appreciate us listening to their feedback, and incorporating that into the system updates.
    Thanks for the continued insight!

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