I am pleased to announce the formation of the IZEA Blogger Advisory Board. The board includes leading bloggers in social media, community development, marketing, advertising and affiliate programs. The Advisors will be working together with our management team to guide the company in product development, outreach and further enhancement of our code of ethics.

The team is comprised of both long time friends and those that have been critical of IZEA in the past. These individuals have been selected based on their experience and their background in social media, marketing, affiliate programs and community. As the leader in our space our goal is open, productive conversation with bloggers that can move the entire category forward. As always I welcome all opinions, even the ones that are hard to hear.

The initial IZEA Blogger Advisory Board is:
– Chris Brogan (http://www.chrisbrogan.com)
– Michael Brito (http://www.britopian.com)
– Brian Clark (http://www.copyblogger.com)
– Jim Kukral (http://www.jimkukral.com)
– Neil Patel (http://www.quicksprout.com)
– Wendy Piersall (http://www.sparkplugging.com)
– Jeremy Schoemaker (http://www.shoemoney.com)
– Missy Ward (http://www.affiliatesummit.com)

In the interest of disclosure and transparency I would like to share that each of these advisors have been granted options in the company for their time and contribution. None of them are receiving any cash payment, they all benefit by moving the company forward. Each of these bloggers will be adding disclosures to their blog and will be transparent any time they talk about IZEA. We will all be abiding by the WOMMA guidelines on disclosure. Some of the information we will share with these bloggers is confidential and will be covered under a non-disclosure agreement.

While this post marks the introduction of the initial team you can expect some more announcements in the future. The team will grow over time and we haven’t decided where it will be capped yet. We want a broad group of advisers that represents the brightest minds in a variety of categories.

Please note that the Blogger Advisory Board is different than the IZEA Insiders program. Applications for IZEA Insiders still remain open.

Our first Advisory Board meeting is scheduled for December 6th in Orlando at IZEA Headquarters. I am looking forward to sitting down with all of these bloggers and sharing ideas. We will probably arrange some sort of tweetup that night if anyone is interested.