2008 Blogger's Choice Awards header

YOU nominated. YOU voted. Now here are the winners of the 2008 Blogger’s Choice Awards:

Best Animal Blogger: Icanhascheezburger.com
Best Blog About Blogging: Problogger.net
Best Blog About Stuff: Cfhusband.Blogspot.com
Blog Blog Design: Karencheng.Com.au
Best Blog of All Time: Cfhusband.Blogspot.com
Best Blogging Host: Blogger.com
Best Business Blog: SlopeOfHope.com
Best Celebrity Blogger: Rosie.com
Best Charity Blog: Blog.Peta.org
Best Corporate Blog: Scottragsdale.com
Best Education Blog: Specialeducationlawblog.Blogspot.com
Best Entertainment Blog: Officetally.com
Best Food Blog: Thepioneerwomancooks.com
Foreign Language Blog: Imagevisiondesign.com
Best Geek Blog: Boingboing.net
Best Gossip Blog: Community.Livejournal.com/ohnotheydidnt
Best Health Blog: Cfhusband.Blogspot.com
Best Hobby Blog: Yarnharlot.ca/blog
Best Humor Blog: Cakewrecks.Blogspot.com
Best Marketing Blog: http://my-creativeteam.com/blog/
Best Parenting Blog: Mom2my6pack.Blogspot.com
Best Photography Blog: Cfhusband.Blogspot.com
Best Podcast: Theinstance.net
Best Political Blog: Mudflats.Wordpress.com
Best Pop Culture Blog: Community.Livejournal.com/ohnotheydidnt
Best Religion Blog: Wdtprs.com
Best Shopping Blog: Mightygoods.com
Best Sports Blog: Baselinetennis.Co.uk
Best Travel Blog: Hostelbuenosaires.Blogspot.com
Best Video Blogger: Keithandthegirl.tv
Freakiest Blogger: Psychicgeek.com
Hottest Daddy Blogger: Neilgaiman.com
Hottest Mommy Blogger: Crissyspage.com
Most Obnoxious Blogger: Perezhilton.com
The “Blogitzer”: Neilgaiman.com
Worst Blog of All Time: Perezhilton.com

Congratulations to all who won in their categories! Thanks to those who participated, too, in either nominating or voting. If you are one of the lucky winners listed above please e-mail me directly at ashley[at]izea[dot]com so I can deliver your winner’s badge to you.

Also, we’ll be making some changes to the site in early 2009, so please feel free to share your input and/or suggestions by leaving them in the comments section of this post. We look forward to hearing from you.