Bloggers Unite!

By December 4, 2007June 3rd, 2019Community

Blogger's Unite
“Bloggers Unite.” A pretty bold statement, I think. One that could certainly hold much power if bloggers do, in fact, unite! I’m a huge fan of charity work (hopefully we can get more involved in charity initiatives in the coming year) and bloggers are a perfect audience for it. Ted, Travis and I were all very moved, actually, when we truly realized the power of “charity blogging,” when we recently met with the “Best Charity Blog” winners during the Blog America Tour.

So many of our bloggers are members of the BlogCatalog community. I know because I see you on the discussion boards quite frequently! is a great resource for connecting with other bloggers, getting information on ehancing your skills as a blogger, and sometimes just finding out about things going on in the blogging community. Like charity work. So you may already be aware of a great program they have called Bloggers Unite. They’ve done a couple now, and I really wanted for us to get involved in future ones. So along with many other names you might find familiar, we’ve partnered-up with BlogCatalog to help support their upcoming “Acts of Kindness” initiative, on December 17th.

Here’s the gist:

On 12.17.07–that’s a Monday–all bloggers are encouraged to perform a random act of kindness, then blog about it. The BlogCatalog discussion boards will no doubt be very active that day — any posts you have about your random act of kindness can be posted there. I’ll also do a post here on our blog that day, so you can share your urls in the comments section, or via trackbacks. Let other bloggers know the great works you’re doing! I have a feeling many of you bloggers will respond well to this, as our involvement with Blog Day 2007 a few months ago seemed to generate quite a bit of interest.

It won’t take much effort on your part so please get involved. And if you have any interesting ideas about future charity initiatives, tell us here or e-mail me directly at ashley[at]izea[dot]com.