Project "Goo Gone"

By November 16, 2007Community

I’m sorry, I just had to blog about this. I was looking at some of the screens for RealRank today and Daniel told me that the dev team has code named the project "Goo Gone". I couldn’t think of a more appropriate name. I can’t wait for PPP to be free from the unpredictable and inconsistent grasp of PR. I love Google Search, I love Google Maps, I love Google Earth, but Page Rank is a total dog. I have heard rumblings that they are going to do away with it completely and I think that would be a wonderful move.

The RealRank system spit out our first set of results yesterday based on real data from the people participating in the analytics program…. I know who number one is and I have to say I was surprised. Look for Real Rank integration into PPP next week barring any huge issues. Have a great weekend.