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The problem with Google PageRank is that it is both self serving and irrelevant to actual traffic and influence. The arbitrary and unpredictable nature of this ranking system has left both bloggers and advertisers longing for accurate statistical data since long before PayPerPost. Unfortunately, there are few options out there when it comes to determining the value of a blog. While sites like Alexa attempt to estimate traffic they are inaccurate and do a terrible job when it comes to blogs with smaller niche audiences.

I we believe we have a solution and that solution is RealRank. RealRank data is gathered from the IZEA Toolkit "ITK" (formerly PPP Tools). It is a piece of javascript that many of you already have and those outside of PPP will be able to get from a separate site without joining PPP or SocialSpark. ITK gathers REAL traffic information, much like your analytics platform and ranks users based on their standing within the network. The formula is relatively simple.

70% weighted towards visitors per day
20% weighted towards amount of ACTIVE inbound links per day
10% weighted towards pageviews per day

We are currently working on implementing RealRank inside of the PPP platform next week. The public site will be up within two weeks. I am excited to be able to finally provide bloggers and advertisers with a measuring stick that actually means something.

Unlike Google, we are open to feedback. We will publish the actual formulas for all to view. If we make any changes over time based on user input you will see what those changes are and why.  We hope this becomes the most valuable site measurement tool worldwide and look forward to rolling this out.

Down with PageRank (beats war drum)!