Film directors often say that the best footage is left on the cutting room floor. With that in mind I want to throw out a few names that were subject to the proverbial knife. They are:

In addition to these names there is one name I was saving for another use but I absolutely love:


It’s fun, short and conveys the value we put on ideas and innovation. I could definitely see myself in an izea t-shirt… how about you?



  • I like this IZEA!! That’s a good one – I also like Cloudshout – it seems to portray to me the things you described to us about the new system…advers being bloggers, bloggers being advers, whole new ways to interact, buzz building, social interaction.

    But my favorite part about Cloudshout, is that it is gentle, but firm, permeation of ‘my name’ in your world….like it’s out there, it’s everywhere, but, it’s so quiet and gentle, you’re not sure where it came from.

    It’s ‘my brand’ tickling your ears consistently – relentlessly…

    I can’t even quite explain what I’m trying to say, but, it’s just the first thoughts I had on the name Cloudshout.

    Like I’m there (my brand) – I’m up in your face, but, I’m just tickling…gently….

    Make any sense?

    Or should I just go back to my idealistic, hippie, nutjob cave?


  • Tina Silva says:

    Definitely IZEA!!
    It’s easy to remember, catchy, and has a great concept behind the name.

    That is my vote!

  • Tina Silva says:

    Can I get a shirt too??? hahaha

  • Lisa says:

    My vote is for izea

  • Breezie says:

    I like this the best of any so far…IZEA

  • Colleen says:

    Izea is the lesser of all the evils presented. And you’ll get traffic from people who are looking for Ikea 🙂

  • Ryan says:

    Izea is much, much better than all of your previously suggestions.

  • Tracie says:

    Izea is certainly better than the others.. but you could run into issues with Ikea…

  • Nick says:

    Izea is so much better than any of the others.

  • Lisa says:

    Count me in on the IZEA bandwagon. Plus, the logo is pretty wicked!

  • Lori says:

    I agree with the others…IZEA sounds good!

  • techie says:

    Let us all become Izeaites. I agree that this is the best.

  • Sue says:

    IZEA is brilliant in my humble opinion 🙂

  • suni says:

    I think you were just saving this one till everyone hated the others enough to like this one best 😉 j/k

    I like izea much better.

  • The Big Fez says:

    Makes me think of Sweedish flatpack furniture, but I do like it better than the others.

  • From all the names that I have seen suggested on here, IZEA seems to be the best.

  • Martin Betts says:

    Sorry, guys, not overly impressed by any of the names so far. I’d agree that Izea is probably the best of the bunch but that’s not saying a lot. As has been said before, it is too close to Ikea and also to a certain brand of toilet paper that used to be all you could get in our local comprehensive when we kids (not a good thing, is what I’m trying to say).

    I don’t think that any of the names have the immediacy that PayPerPost does. Perhaps this is deliberate, but it seems a backward step. When you see the name PayPerPost, you have an understanding of what is involved. None of these new name suggestions give you that.

    Also, why change? You’re starting to build a brand and get recognition (all publicity is good publicity) so why throw that away? Could you not just develop it, a sort of PPP:TNG sort of thing?

  • Tim says:

    Oh what a set-up! You gave us the “throwaways” first, knowing we’d slam them – this was the one you wanted all along!

    Yeah, it’s good…. but I still vote for Cloudshout, or my mistaken version, CloudSHOT. 😉


  • Tim says:

    By the way, will that mean we’ll now all be called “Izzies”? Hmmm….

  • Tricia says:

    Tim no we’d probably be called Izealists. LOL

    Yeah I like the name. You tricked us good!

  • Jimbo says:

    And this is why I always prefer the Director’s cut!

    IZea is catchy, easy to type and memorise. It also does not sound like a cheap bubblegum or a candy bar.

    Those other three,, and are like director’s commentary which nobody ever listens to!

    One last customer feedback: For the love of mankind, quit watching Japanese cartoons at work!

  • Ryan says:

    Izea isn’t bad. But these cutesy made up word sounding names are a (very annoying) passing fad. Why jump on the bandwagon?

  • Tina Kubala says:

    Izea is good. Saving ideas is like saving the good china for special occasions – you’ll get more use if you use it if you put it on the table…

  • Laurie says:

    I like it, AND the logo! 🙂

  • Jenn says:

    I love izea. I hated all of the other domain name suggestions (the ones from the other post)!

  • Marisa says:

    In case you didn’t check the post at the forum about this, I suggested that rather than make up a word that may seem outdated when we all get tired of the whole web2.0 thing, you could add to your current brand. and could be referred to as p4. It’s kind of like when Gateway2000 dropped the 2000. Same recognizable name but different and so much more.

  • Elizabeth says:

    I agree with Marisa. Izea is WAY too close to Ikea, and although the logo is cute with the lightbulb, it sounds too much like a shopping site. You’ve worked so hard to build up PayPerPost, in my opinion, if you abandon the name now, all the PPP-haters will have even more fuel for their fires.

    I’m just guessing since you haven’t chosen me for the early adopter key yet, but I’m imagining Argus as a combination of the best parts of Facebook and cre8buzz, right? We’ll have a page we can customize, and use to market ourselves, promote our blogs, maybe even pull in our RSS feeds so advertisers can get an idea of what our blogs look like without having to leave the Argus site.

    You want a name that tells people that it’s not just about the posts, it’s about the whole package-traffic, promotion, marketing, and the posts. You want something easy to remember, fun to say, looks good on a t-shirt, inspires a cool nickname-and Marisa just suggested it. is AVAILABLE right now from GoDaddy, and it says everything you need. Logo? PPP+ Easy, peasy. I think it would be a mistake for you not to grab that URL like NOW.

  • CyberCelt says:

    How about:

    WRITEWORLD.COM is available as a Premium Domain Name!

  • Lee says:

    I’d go with Izea as the best of the lot so far. Though that really isn’t saying much as the others just seem complete nonsense.

    You need a site name that gets across what you’re doing – like payperpost

  • Sorry but they are all meaningless and awful. You need to have a name that says what you are trying to do. Izea sounds way too much like Ikea for one thing.

  • PM says:

    I went on to see what the top 500 looked like. We learn a couple of things.

    1) you don’t need a great name but does not hurt
    2) cutesy is not a fad but does work better with a younger audience
    3) the literal names describe but can be boring/unhip

    opinion: argus = acme
    opinion: you need to position yourself FIRST = traditional, contemporary, classic, innovative = really determines what the name, logo, colors should be.

    the alexa list with rankings below:

    1 yahoo!
    2 google = from googol
    4 youtube
    6 myspace
    8 facebook
    9 wikipedia
    12 rapidshare
    13 blogger
    20 ebay
    29 flickr
    32 amazon
    53 AOL = formerly american online
    87 xanga
    92 badongo
    106 digg
    133 sourceforge
    135 mozilla
    156 tagged
    240 paypopup
    264 technorati
    281 stumbleupon
    327 skype
    380 adbright
    388 alice
    405 realplayer
    406 clicksor
    477 opera
    488 monster



    btw i found this post because payperpost just found me, or my new pet blog that is.

    i do naming/branding for a living and teach it and agree that going to the market for creative is fun and fashionable at present and getting some very traditional solutions.

    if you wish to see my design site, please let me know.

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