We have been closely watching a small group of Posties who are both openly and covertly attempting to falsify their Google PR and Alexa scores. We take this very seriously. While Google and Alexa may be slow to respond to these work arounds but they are pretty easily detected and we know who you are. Quite frankly I am saddened to see some of our long time Posties attempting to abuse the system.

By attempting to game the system you are entering into a transaction
with advertisers under false pretenses. By knowingly taking
Opportunities you don’t qualify for you may make yourself liable to a
legal claim by the advertiser.

Whether you believe in Alexa Score or PageRank or not it is simply not your decision to make as a Postie. It is the advertisers decision. They give credence based on what they perceive the value is. Attempting to falsify your numbers provides the advertiser with an improper representation of your blog.

We are giving everyone who is using redirects, beacons or any other form of falsifying your statistics 7 days to remove said code from their blogs. Next Monday we will run our scripts again. Those found to be gaming the system will be permanently banned from using PayPerPost.

But wait… there’s more : )
Our competitors share the same issues we are dealing with and we are all sick of it. In the future expect to see a shared database and detection that allows us to collectively blacklist blogs. So not only will you be booted from PPP, you can expect to be booted from the other platforms as well. You can cutoff all your sponsored blogging income with one swoop! Think of it like the casinos sharing information about cheats in Vegas. We won’t be sharing any personal information, just a blog url.

The bottom line is don’t do it. You will be caught and at minimum you will be banned (you can also expect to not be paid).