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In a recent survey of marketers, 86% of B2B brands considered their influencer marketing successful, and 85% said they think the interest in working with influencers will grow over the next year. Need some campaign inspiration? Check out these successful B2B influencer marketing campaign examples to help your team brainstorm new and exciting ways to leverage creator collaborations.

Guest blogging

Big corporations need a lot of useful content. Influencers who are experts in their field can write a post for your blog and help you promote it. 

The campaign would consist of several pieces: a blog post and a series of social posts. The influencer writes the blog, which is published on the brand’s site, and then he or she will share the link on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram, for example, to drive traffic to it. 

When B2B travel management platform company CWT wanted to educate its clients and expand its reach to potential customers, the company tapped influencer Isabelle Hervouet to craft the article titled, “Understanding the Behavior of the Digital Traveler.” 

Promote upcoming events with a unique hashtag and tags

Create a unique hashtag for your upcoming convention or conference and tag the vendors and speakers before, during and after the event. 

When CTA Tech hosted CES 2022, the world’s largest technology show in Las Vegas, it used the hashtag #CES2022. It tapped multiple vendors and speakers to promote the event and highlight the “best of show” gadgets for exponential marketing on social media. 

CTA Tech also tagged major players from the conference, including U.S. Secretary of Transportation Pete Buttigieg and Qualcomm CEO Cristiano Amon. 

Offer a social media takeover

Work with an influencer on a social media takeover. Is your company introducing a new service? Attending a trade show? Consider connecting company happenings with a social media takeover. Essentially, you let the influencer take the social reins for the day. They might demo a new service, host a Q&A, lead a competition or giveaway, or help your brand make an announcement.

In the weeks leading up to the North American Trailer Dealers Association (NATDA) National Trailer Show, one of the event’s sponsors, Dexter Axle, took over the NATDA’s channels to promote its products and announce its booth number to encourage attendees to stop by while at the expo.

In this example, the “influencer” is actually a vendor, but the campaign still works like any other influencer campaign. 

Host a contest

Everyone likes to win stuff, but it’s especially true when the contestants get free marketing for their business. 

When software development company Chili Piper held a contest to determine the top marketers of LinkedIn, the contestants — including Darryl Praill — marketed themselves and the contest on their social media platforms with a voting link. 

With this type of campaign, you’d involve a handful of different influencers to generate some buzz on social media. 

Request video tutorials

Does your B2B company offer a complex service? Software developers, industrial vacuum manufacturers or companies that sell safety tools, for example, need tutorials. Sponsor an influencer who can demonstrate how easy it is to download, integrate or use your product or service. 

Need an example? Check out this tweet from Davio White, a brand and product designer who created a one-hour tutorial for aptLearn’s app design program, showcasing type scale, grid, auto layout, color and more. 

Profile influencers who are clients

Influencers can be customers. 

Time Warner Business Class uses video testimonials from its clients to showcase its products and services.

Because the videos are professionally produced, the clients often share the content on their social media, as was the case with Pop Karma, who shared its story on YouTube.

Create hashtags for brand ambassadors

If influencer marketing is effective for your company, consider a brand ambassador program where influencers create regular campaigns for your brand.

Few brands have elevated their brand like American Express. The company is known for partnering with big-name influencers, including Lin-Manuel Miranda, who uses the #AmexAmbassadors hashtag to promote support for small businesses, including an annual campaign for Small Business Saturday

Repurpose influencer testimonials

Just as B2C brands repurpose their influencer and customer reviews for content on their website, in advertising and on social media, so can B2B companies. As B2B marketers shift their focus to influencer marketing, you’ll already have a leg up on the competition by having sampled a variety of ideas. 

Global exhibition service provider Insideout Events capitalized on a testimonial from client Global Experience Specialists by reformatting it and sharing it on the company’s social media channels, including Instagram and Facebook.

Distribute free PDFs to influencers

Rather than charging for its hefty detailed reports, JPMorgan offers many of them for free in the form of PDFs. 

Although released in 2017, the company’s 280-page piece on “Big Data and AI Strategies” is once again popping up in influencers’ feeds five years later. 

In August 2022, the free PDF was promoted by Programmer Samarpita and Data Scientist Kirk Borne on Twitter using identical language. Borne’s post was retweeted by Disfold, a digital platform that publishes and broadcasts information on “best-in-class resources, influencers, reviews, and tips.” Not bad for a five-year-old piece of content. 

Take a cue from these B2B marketing examples to put influencer campaigns to work for your company.


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