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Sipping, steeping, blending, and educating — these influencers specialize in spilling all the tea on their favorite herbal beverage. Curl up with your favorite fancy cup or mug and see what these tea influencers are brewing up for you.

12 tea influencers to sip with on social

Nicole Wilson – teaformeplease

As an award-winning blogger and author of The Tea Recipe Book, Nicole wants to help everyone learn more about the wonderfully rich world of tea. She is a micro-influencer on Instagram who lets her followers in on deals on her favorite brands, brewing tips, and some of her prettiest teatime presentations.

Jee – ohhowcivilized

Blogger Jee is a certified tea sommelier and self-proclaimed bubble tea and iced tea master. She’s also a micro-influencer on Instagram, sharing everything from a colorful Matcha cold foam recipe and a cup of frothy, French-pressed “London Fog” to a perfectly soothing ginger lemon tea for her followers.

Lu Ann Pannunzio – teaaholic

Canadian tea enthusiast and blogger Lu Ann is also the author of the “Tea-spiration,” a book full of inspirational words for fellow tea lovers. She invites others to discover the world of tea along with her. Lu Ann is a micro-influencer on Instagram, spilling interesting tea facts, sharing how to make brown sugar syrup to add to your favorite cup, and offering tips for bringing a little sunshine into your day by setting a lovely little tea tray display.  

Friday – fridayafternoontea

Friday is a spiritual, Seattle-based businesswoman and tea enthusiast who refers to herself as the “Fairy Godmother of Tea.” She has 151.6K TikTok followers who regularly tune in for a peek into her otherworldly tea rituals, her favorite teas for flower fairies, and informative tea brewing FAQs sure to answer all of your burning tea-related quandaries.


What’s your favorite simple, everyday ritual? #teawitch #chinesetea #puertea

♬ Calm LoFi song(882353) - S_R

Gina Reyes Kiel

Gina is a tea enthusiast and tea-style aficionado. A mid-tier influencer on TikTok, Gina takes her family of followers along for a tour of her fabulous, expansive “tea ware” collection, a glimpse into her Sunday morning tea time, and gives guidance on hosting a perfectly proper tea party in her charming signature style.


Tea Party Food pairing 💕💕 by popular request, thanks for the interest 💗 #tea #teatiktok #teaparty #food #partea #SmoothLikeNitroPepsi #TheAdamProject @ginareyeskiel

♬ Up - Movie Theme - Giampaolo Pasquile

Jenn the Tea Lady – barefoottealady

Jenn is all about spreading her love of tea, history, and vintage style — but not vintage values — to the masses. Jenn has 46K TikTok followers, for whom she shares helpful advice on treating a cold with green tea, getting techy with cold brew, and preparing a pot of delightfully strong Turkish tea for an instant pick-me-up.  

Terrell Davis 

Terrell is a plant-loving, crystal enthusiast, digital creator, and master of tea know-how. Terrell’s love of nature developed as a result of helping his grandmother tend to her plants as a young man. Terrell has racked up an astounding 1.8 million followers on TikTok, thanks to his posts demonstrating the step-by-step tea-making process with unique, delicious flavors (blueberry coconut, anyone?), sharing  summery tea recipes like peach iced tea with oat milk and tips for creating a relaxing, night time tea routine — calming crystal candle included.


Reply to @minteabymbw New flavor alert! Blueberry Coconut 🫐🥥🔥 May 30th

♬ Lazy Sunday - Official Sound Studio

Sinan – sinanteatalk

Sinan is a tea master with 15 years of experience who takes his tea talk seriously. He is a micro-influencer on TikTok who teaches his followers how to distinguish between different types of tea, invites them behind the scenes on a private tea tasting, and gives advice on what types of tea to serve for any occasion.

Kris and Ash – simplesips

This cute Canadian couple thrives on creating beautifully crafted drinks for tea lovers to enjoy. The duo have 34.9K TikTok followers. They share how to make colorful concoctions like caffeine-free, herbal butterfly pea tea, brew beautiful blends with their seemingly magical magnetic teapot, and show how making homemade bubble tea can be a breeze.


Trying out some cotton candy layers #butterflypeatea

♬ son original - el gato

Don Mei – Mei Leaf

Don is dedicated to spreading his knowledge and passion for tea with his followers. Don is a mid-tier influencer on YouTube, sharing the “magic of the leaf” while covering all types of tea, as well as tips for tea tasting like a pro and how to properly brew green tea. They offer a free tutorial on the foundations of tea for beginners to build up their knowledge base.

Jordan B. – tea_tography

Jordan is a tea photographer and blogger. As a micro-influencer on Instagram, Jordan specializes in showcasing different tea variations, pours, and tea wares in all their glory. Whether he’s featuring blends like high mountain Taiwanese oolong, Japanese gyokuro, or Wild Wuyi, each one is captured in an utterly artistic style.

Ruby Granger

Ruby is an English college student with a calming presence, infectious smile, and an affinity for drinking tea while focusing on her studies. She’s also a YouTube influencer, sharing her favorite spots for studying and sipping tea with her followers. Ruby’s content is always addictive, like her compilation of tea-inspired outfit choices, live streams where she shares how she incorporates tea into her studying routine, and a peek into her huge tea collection.


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