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Twitter is a social media powerhouse with a plethora of categories as diverse as the users themselves. The Twitterverse connects users interested in everything from music, movies, and fashion to sports, fitness, food, and more. We’re breaking down the top Twitter influencers by topic. 

20 top Twitter influencers in business, sports, fashion and fitness

Top business influencers

From product reviews to B2B marketing tips, these top business influencers inform and motivate their followers.

Gene Marks

Gene Marks is a well-known business consultant. He’s regularly featured in top publications and speaks at many events, all in an effort to help small businesses grow. He offers tips on Twitter, discussing everything from working with independent contractors to how inflation impacts owners.


Ev, the Twitter handle of Evan Williams, offers business insights about the Twittersphere. As the founder of Blogger and Medium, he shares posts talk about finding business inspiration and promoting upcoming pieces like an article for the New York Times

Maria Popova

With 948K followers on Twitter, Maria offers a fresh take on the business world. Her blog, Marginalian, previously known as Brain Pickings, offers tips to keep the haters at bay and a look at the driving forces that keep you going.  

Jason Rosell

A TV personality and a wellness coach, Jason helps people and businesses thrive. You’ll find all sorts of positive tips on his Twitter account, from finding confidence to using meditation to find inner peace.

Guy Kawasaki 

Guy is a known author and venture capitalist whose 1.4 million Twitter followers tune in to learn why some big ideas fail and hear from big-time podcast guests, like Jane Goodall.

Top sports influencers

The wide world of sports has a huge Twitter presence, with fans of football, soccer, basketball, tennis, and more eagerly awaiting the latest news and posts from their favorite athletes, coaches and commentators.

Cristiano Ronaldo

As world-famous for his superior soccer skills as he is for his movie-star good looks, Cristiano shares scenes from his family life as well as getting his game face on with his astounding 101.3 million followers.  

Jamal Adams 

As an NFL strong safety for the Seattle Seahawks, Jamal takes his followers along for the ride. Whether he’s jet-setting or getting his football fans amped, Jamal shares it all.

George Hill 

NBA basketball star George Hill of the Milwaukee Bucks is a mid-tier influencer who shares his thoughts on the latest news from the court, shows support for aspiring athletes, and promotes charity events 

Reggie Bush

Reggie is a golfer and former NFL running back who currently works as an on-air college football analyst. For his 2.6 million followers the L.A.-based athlete hosts golf giveaways and speaks up for causes he believes in, like switching artificial football field turf to grass.

Bill Simmons

Basketball commentator and popular podcaster Bill voices his opinions on all things basketball — on and off the court — while promoting his podcast episodes for his 5.6 million followers.

Top fashion influencers 

Social media is a mecca for fashion marketing. These style gurus share their take on the hottest fashion finds, accessories and brands, with price points ranging from retail to the runway.

Chiara Ferragni

Italian fashion blogger and style expert Chiara burst onto the blogging scene in 2009 with her blog, the Blonde Salad. She imakes waves whether she’s rocking the red carpet in couture or hitting the top shows at New York Fashion Week 

Lauren Conrad

Lauren, who rose to fame as a teen on MTV’s reality shows “Laguna Beach” and “The Hills,” is now a successful fashion designer and blogger. Her 2.8 million followers see her picks for the hottest summer accessories and bold yet classically chic style statements.   

Aimee Song

Aimee is a fashionista whose blog, Song of Style, chronicles her style evolution. She is a mid-tier influencer who shares her favorite looks with her followers, like this lilac moment from Paris Fashion Week.

Camila Coelho

Camila is a Los Angeles-based fashion and beauty entrepreneur. For her 259.7K followers, Camila shares her picks for the top 2022 fashion trends and lets fans vote for their favorite summer “set” looks.

Julie Sarinana

Globe-trotting Julie is a fashion blogger and Twitter influencer who spills on her latest blog content updates and fashion collabs 

Top fitness influencers

Twitter’s fitness sector is full of athletes and health-minded influencers ready to inspire their followers with top workout tips and realistic nutritional guidance. 

Jennipher Walters and Kristen Seymour 

Jenn and Kristen of Fit Bottomed Girls promote a positive approach to loving yourself healthy by posting tons of free workouts for their 79K Twitter followers, as well as tips for increasing flexibility and post-workout hacks to get ready to go out.  

Adam Bornstein 

Adam is a New York Times bestselling author, fitness consultant, “That’s Healthy, Right?” podcast host, dad, and nutrition adviser to LeBron James. Mid-tier influencer Adam shares free workouts and diet advice to help his followers approach fitness and nutrition in a more simplified manner.

Michelle Lewin

Miami Beach-based Michelle shares her workout tips for prepping your best beach body and how to get fit at home with her 455K Twitter followers. Her workouts without fancy machines are fan favorites.

Bret Contreras

Bret is a personal trainer, fitness blogger, speaker, weightlifter, and gym owner who uses his expertise to share top fitness tips with his followers. Bret is a mid-tier influencer who posts practical workout advice backed by science.

Jen Selter

NYC fitness influencer Jen shares her workouts, healthy recipes and wellness tips with her 1.2 million followers. In addition to posting her fitness routine and sharing her favorite workout wear, Jen always acknowledges that positive thinking is key to achieving a healthy mind and body.


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