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Nothing is better than cute photos of animals to brighten up your day and bring a smile to your face. Pets are popular on social media and often steal the show from their human counterparts. Furry friends are using social media platforms to share their talents and cuteness with the world. We’re sharing some of the top pet influencers to follow.

Top pet influencers to follow

Nala Cat

Since 2012 Nala Cat has brightened up millions of feeds with her cute and entertaining posts. This Guinness World Record Holder uses her Instagram to share adorable outfits, fun toys and her daily life experiences. With more than 4.4M followers, Nala Cat has created a successful cat food brand and often encourages her followers and furry friends to try it.

Popeye the Foodie Dog

Popeye uses his Instagram to share his favorite food and dining experiences with the world. The former LA stray pup now travels around the world, eating at pet-friendly restaurants and sharing his love for food with his followers. With more than 390K followers on Instagram, Popeye is living his best life meal by meal.

Doug The Pug

This flat-faced furry friend has easily become one of the most well known top dog influencers. Doug has more than 3.7M followers on Instagram, sharing his favorite pug massages, celebrity friends he has made, and the most adorable outfits. Doug’s Instagram feed is full of his adventures and favorite stylish looks.

Prissy and Pop

These farm friends take to Instagram to share what life is like as adorable little pigs. The two pigs, as well as other little piglets from their rescue group, fill their Instagram feed with everything from cute outfits to birthday parties and holiday experiences. The two pigs have gained a following of more than 654K. 

Loki the Wolfdog

Loki the Wolfdog is one of the top dogs on Instagram. For his following of more than 1.8M, Loki shares his love for the outdoors and his great sense of adventure. The popular pup has partnered with many brands.

Venus the Two Faced Cat

As one of the world’s most unique cats, Venus has easily become one of the most famous cat influencers on Instagram. She uses her distinct multicolored face and different color eyes to stand out among others and shares the cutest photos of herself. With a following of more than 2.2M, Venus has become the cat everyone wants to follow.

Spider Monkey Winston

With more than 1.4M followers, Winston has easily become one of the top pet influencers on TikTok. Known for supporting small-primate rescue, the creative and entertaining spider monkey takes to TikTok to share his favorite adventures and love for his other furry friends. His TikTok feed shows his favorite outfits and tricks.

Tubs the Blue Staffy

This Staffordshire bull terrier pup has become one of the most famous TikTok pets. Tubs has gained a following of more than 1M as she breaks all the stereotypes that come with her popular breed. This pup shares her sweetness and adventures as a nosy little neighbor.

Wriggley the Fluffy Corgi

Wriggley the fluffy Corgi joins our lists as one of the cutest little pups as he bounces all over TikTok. This fluffy potato uses his TikTok to share his love for toys, travel and tricks. His feed is full of real-life experiences he has daily, his favorite holidays, and posts of him bouncing around the world.

Manny the Frenchie

Manny joins our list as the world’s most-followed Bulldog and philanthro-pup. This popular pup on Instagram has been sharing his life with the world since 2014 and has since become an author and icon. This cool canine has even modeled for Martha Stewart and shows off his adorable looks on Instagram.

Bleu Bear the Golden Retriever

Bleu Bear is one of TikTok’s most popular and entertaining pups. This golden retriever originally became famous for the sweet posts of him and his girlfriend and has since continued to share his life with the world. The sweet pup shows all his favorite “Bleu’s Clues” as he fills his TikTok feed with everything from birthday celebrations to his favorite treats and tricks.

Jill the Squirrel

Jilll is one of the unique pet influencers on Instagram. Since being rescued during Hurricane Isaac, Jill has been living her best life. With a following of more than 691K on Instagram, Jill fills her feed with what life is like as a squirrel. The vegetarian and parkour expert provides fun and new energy to the pet influencer community.


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