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Our CEO, Ted Murphy, recently shared some big news about an expanded benefit for #TeamIZEA. Full-time IZEAns who live in the U.S. can now take up to 16 weeks of paid parental leave to welcome a new child into their family — whether that’s by birth, adoption, fostering or surrogacy. 

IZEA celebrates and supports all families and promotes gender equality, which is why this benefit is available to all genders and same-sex couples. 

“The expansion of the paid parental leave program is really about recognizing the importance of that first year after a child is born,” said Ted Murphy, IZEA’s Founder and CEO. “We know that some of our team members struggle with the idea of coming back to work before they are ready, so we are giving them the flexibility to bond with their child for longer or to split that parental leave up over the child’s first year so that they’re fully present during that special time.”

IZEAns are free to split the 16 weeks of parental leave up over the child’s first year with the family, offering parents even more flexibility. 

Although some larger companies like Netflix, Salesforce and Facebook are starting to offer longer paid leave programs, these programs are less common at medium-sized companies and many policies aren’t offered to non-birthing parents as well.

Hear from IZEAns on why they are pumped about the expanded benefit:

“The fact that we just released our new parental leave program that now has opportunities for parents of all genders, of all ways to form families, is something that really speaks to our culture of supporting people as individuals,” said Addi McCauley, Executive Director of Client Development and Innovation.

“My wife is currently pregnant with our third, and the recently-announced maternity and paternity policy will be a huge blessing when the new baby arrives,” said Aaron Rice, Associate Director, Client Services. “I’ll be able to help much more with the baby and our older kids to ease transitions.”