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There’s a whole world of sci-fi and fantasy fans that share their love of alternate universes and shape-shifting creatures on social. These fans flock to sci-fi and fantasy writers for things like book suggestions, exciting designs, or a look at the authors who create their favorite characters.

Person wearing a sci-fi looking mask

Here are 10 sci-fi and fantasy authors that are influencers in this popular genre 

C.G. Drews

A voracious reader and long-time believer in magic, 27-year-old Cait Drews enjoys raving about fantasy books with her 88k followers on Instagram. Fellow fantasy readers appreciate her blog, Paper Fury, where she reviews fantasy books and interviews fellow fantasy authors. Her posts focus on good reads, like a juicy vampire series that she likes or pointing out favorites through #Bookstagram tours.

Nadine Brandes

Fantasy author of five books, Nadine uses her Instagram to encourage other writers and chat with fellow readers. Her account is wholesome and family-focused, with frequent anecdotes and tips for how to find time to read with two young children and another on the way. Nadine’s audience of 21k also loves her candid take on motherhood and book suggestions.

Brandon Sanderson

Internationally recognized fantasy and sci-fi author Brandon Sanderson crafts incredible worlds with magic systems based on his background as a biochemistry major. He believes you don’t need a background in writing to be a good author. Experience and education in fields unrelated to writing give an author a unique edge. Brandon continues to inspire his audience of 130k with his novels, an inside look at his author journey, and fun art drawn by fans of his books.

Riley Marie

A lover of historical fantasy, especially gothic and victorian fantasy, Riley eagerly shares her historical fantasy discoveries with her 60k combined YouTube and Instagram fans. She talks about little-known books and even has some pinktastic organizational skills to share. 

Michelle Berry

Michelle has a special appreciation for fantasy books that feature diverse characters. Her personality shines as she enthusiastically encourages her readers to pick up and enjoy a good book she recently devoured. She even had a regular post, New Release Tuesday, where she highlights a new book. 

Meg LaTorre

With her 7k Instagram followers and 94k YouTube subscribers, Meg LaTorre inspires fantasy readers and writers around the world. Her debut novel, The Cyborg Tinkerer, is a steampunk fantasy that takes place in space and features a diverse cast of characters whom her followers love. Her YouTube channel contains writing tips, like mistakes to avoid when self-publishing, and interviews with world-renowned fantasy and sci-fi authors such as Christopher Paolini.

Samantha Ulrich

A dragon enthusiast, Sam shares her favorite fantasy books with her 4k Instagram followers and 16k YouTube subscribers. Her Instagram offers book reviews and even funny posts about reading a book from her shelf instead of buying new ones

Ben Alderson

An indie author of LGBT+ fantasy novels, Ben shares his love of books with others. The author has a lot to showcase, from promoting his own paperback to working with graphic designers to create the perfect cover for a book. 

Catriona “Caz” Feeney

An Australian “BookTuber” and book blogger in her spare time, Caz works as the Senior Campaign Executive for Hachette Australia Books. Her 45k Instagram followers and 181k YouTube subscribers enjoy her book reviews and love of magic, which she shows in this Harry Potter post.  

Emma Giordano

When Emma isn’t reading fantasy or making videos about it, she works as a mental health counselor. Her content encourages her 92k Instagram followers and 210k YouTube subscribers to prioritize mental health. Her cheery posts where she dresses like a book, #BooksAsOutfits, seem to get a lot of comments.

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