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It’s hard to remember a time when memes weren’t part of our culture. Today, they’re often the best way to quickly share an idea or emotion or jump on a pop culture trend. Although they’re occasionally used to pass along a motivational saying, overall meme accounts are edgy, fun — and usually not for the easily offended.

The popularity of memes has spanned the globe; memes go viral quickly, spreading through social media platforms and email faster than a certain unpopular virus. That lightning-fast effectiveness has made them an important part of social engagement both for brands and influencers, as they provide a fun, easy format — and are more memorable than just words alone.

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Here’s a look at 7 accounts that have mastered the art of the meme.


If sports are your thing, this meme-driven account is exactly what you’ve been missing in your life. With 12 million followers, it offers a little bit of everything for the sports fans — from pizzeria reviews to recaps of top news stories to, of course, memes on sports and athletes.


Every night is ladies’ night on this NSFW account. Like a naughty night out on the town with your BFFs, this account is filled with memes largely focused on dating and problems with men, but it branches out to other women’s aggravations. (As a bonus, sometimes celebs like Gwyneth Paltrow add to the salacious comments.)


If you need therapy and can’t afford it, maybe this account will help. Or not. The account was launched in 2015 by childhood friends Lola Tash and Nicole Argiris, and it’s become so popular that it has its own line of merch including a book. It’s relatable and funny—even when it hits a little too close to home.   


Feeling bad about your dating life? Then join the 6.5 million people following @insta.single. You may not feel any better about your life, but at least you won’t be alone! With funny insights into dating, relationships, and the trials and tribulations of being single, it’s way more fun than spending a few hours on a dating app. 


It’s not always about the humans, as this account proves. Doggos Doing Things is arguably much tamer than the other accounts listed here, but that doesn’t mean it’s short on humor. Here, you’ll find dogs being embarrassed by their humans, getting caught breaking house rules, or sometimes just looking adorable.   


There’s so much more to The Dad than just bad dad jokes. Oh, but you’ll get plenty of those, too! Hilarious observations, dad-themed quotes — often from comedians — and even some feel-good content make this a great stopping point for the dad who’s feeling a little misunderstood. 


Sure, Los Angeles is known for being a little pretentious. But if you need proof of that, there’s @overheardLA. These memes are made from quotes that have been eavesdropped, overheard, or maybe even coerced from people who live in LA — and the memes do a great job of parodying the pretentiousness of the City of Angels. 

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