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Halloween is a marketing bullseye for companies that sell costumes and candy, but what about other companies? You don’t need to sell Halloween staples to run an effective campaign in October.

The secret to owning the spooktacular month with influencer marketing is simply a little creativity. Here are twelve ways influencers can tie into your Halloween-themed marketing campaigns.

Halloween Influencer Marketing Ideas

1. Share spooky spots to visit

Christmas doesn’t hold a monopoly on fun holiday decor. If your brick-and-mortar stores have great Halloween displays, ask influencers to visit and post on Instagram.

2. Promote makeup for face painting

Beauty influencers can promote more than just a smokey eye. The perfect Halloween face doesn’t always require costume makeup! Talented influencers can use everyday brands to create a variety of looks: cat, clown, Disney character, Victorian bride, or even a bit of gore.

3. Share seasonal & limited edition products

Brands with seasonal flavors, scents, and designs can cluster items together to make an influencer’s “favorite finds.” Think pumpkin spice, candy corn, witches, skeletons, black cats, scary movies, spiders, zombies, Frankenstein, vampires, tombstones, and ghosts.

4. Create DIY crafts

Promoting DIY crafts isn’t limited to craft stores. Brands working with influencers can share finished Halloween décor, treats, and costumes with tips on what items to buy, where to buy them, and how to assemble the project.

Make sure the project involves your brand’s products in some way.

5. Add a spooky backdrop

Almost any product can make the Halloween cut with the addition of a spooky backdrop. Be prepared to supply influencers with several options that fit the bill. While a simple haunted house or cemetery might do the trick, consider trends from pop culture. This company, for example, created a candle that’s tied to the movie Hocus Pocus.

6. Flaunt an in-store shopping cart

Brands with brick-and-mortar stores and seasonal products can send influencers to their nearest store to load up a cart for a photo opp. A full shopping cart with seasonally-themed décor, food, pajamas, decorations, or apparel can showcase a variety of inventory.

7. Use Halloween nails to hold a product

Brainstorming on how to promote a non-seasonal product while still capitalizing on the Halloween hashtag? Just opt for an influencer who can commit to a holiday-themed DIY manicure, like this:

8. Share a “Spooktacular” promo code

A lack of seasonal items doesn’t mean you have to sit out the month of October! Ask an influencer to share a Halloween message with a special promo code just for the influencer’s audience.

9. Host a Halloween countdown

You could do a Halloween countdown and run social giveaways every week. Consider teaming up with a few different influencers to promote the giveaways and hire an influencer to draw the winners.

10. Choose orange and black

Orange and black are sometimes enough to provide a Halloween theme. Lean into the color pairing by scanning your inventory for orange toasters, shoes, food, sweaters, watches, collectibles, glassware, phone covers, and office supplies.

You might send an influencer a few color-themed products, ask them to take a few snapshots of them, and share their thoughts on Instagram.

11. Display product in Halloween-themed containers

Look for opportunities to market your non-Halloween products in a Halloween-themed container. Promote beverages in a skull-shaped glass, healthy snacks in a black cat-shaped bowl, or cozy blankets in a pumpkin-shaped basket.

12. Share brand recipes

If your brand includes alcohol or food, ask an influencer to create a Halloween-themed food with your product and share it on social. Snyder’s pretzel rods have managed to reinvent themselves for nearly every holiday—including witch’s fingers and ghosts for Halloween!

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