Regardless of whether they’re heading to the gym or their personal workout area, some people aim to stay fashionable while working up a sweat. In many cases, consumers want gym fashion that can double as casual streetwear. The following Instagram influencers are known for helping their audiences find durable, breathable and stylish clothing.

Gym Fashion on Instagram

  1. Britney Vest
  2. Brian Mazza
  3. Cat Meffan
  4. Hannah Bronfman
  5. Cassey Ho
  6. Lita Lewis
  7. Dwayne Johnson

Britney Vest is a fitness influencer who promotes an active lifestyle, as well as a healthy dose of body positivity. She uses her blog, Fitty Britttty, to share her weight-loss journey, healthy meal recipes and tips for vigorous workout routines.

On Instagram, you’ll find photos of Vest relaxing on the beach, working out at the gym and hanging out with fellow fitness lovers. She shows off outfits and accessories from various brands like Adam Selman Sport, Patagonia, Avia, New Balance and Stella & Dot.
Alongside influencers Raeann Langas and Kristina Zias, Vest is a co-founder of The Confident Collective. The group organizes fitness events, retreats and workshops to build a community of empowered women.

Britney Vest gym fashion on Instagram

New York-based Brian Mazza is the founder of High Performance Lifestyle Training (HPLT), a health and wellness brand. He’s appeared in various well-known publications, including Men’s Fitness, The Wall Street Journal and GQ.

On Instagram, Mazza shares fitness challenges, family photos and inspirational thoughts to keep fitness fanatics motivated. Mazza is also known for his eye-catching fashion sense. He collaborated with fitness brand Ten Thousand to produce durable and comfortable activewear.

Brian Mazza gym fashion on Instagram

Cat Meffan is a former gymnast turned yoga teacher, and she shares plenty of instructional content on YouTube and her personal site. She’s also very active on Instagram, where you’ll find her demonstrating her favorite poses and meditations in images and short videos.

Her followers can pick up more than just yoga tips. Meffan also has some gym fashion recommendations to share. This influencer sports outfits from a number of brands, including Nike, Sweaty Betty and Miloh Fox.

Cat Meffan gym fashion on Instagram

New York native Hannah Bronfman is a woman of many talents. She’s a DJ, beauty expert and entrepreneur. She’s also the author of the 2019 book “Do What Feels Good: Recipes, Remedies and Routines to Treat Your Body Right.”

Her Instagram account offers a mix of beauty, fitness and general wellness content. She’s a global Adidas ambassador, so expect to see her showing off plenty of the brand’s offerings.
For more content from this fitness influencer, keep an eye on her site,, which she launched in 2014. The site is divided into several sections that cover health, beauty and fitness. Visitors will find everything from fitness studio recommendations to gift guides.

Hannah Bronfman gym fashion on Instagram

Cassey Ho is the founder of the incredibly popular YouTube fitness channel Blogilates. Her subscribers tune in to enjoy Ho’s ever-expanding video collection of workout routines and challenges.

Ho doesn’t limit herself to producing workout tutorials. She also has an activewear line called Popflex. The brand offers athletic tops, bottoms and accessories like water bottles and yoga mats. Ho models her brand’s latest offerings on several Instagram accounts, including @popflex_active and @blogilates.

Cassey Ho gym fashion on Instagram

Personal trainer and life coach Lita Lewis uses her voice and platform to promote personal growth, acceptance and positivity. Her Instagram account is filled with inspiring messages and workout tutorials. She also shares more exercise tips through her training app.

Lewis is the founder of Thick Athletics. The apparel brand offers crop tops, sweatshirts, tank tops and T-shirts with empowering messages that promote body positivity. The clothing selection isn’t just for women, either; men can also find some options.

Lita Lewis gym fashion on Instagram

We’ll end the list with a celebrity influencer: Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson. Many people know Johnson as a wrestling legend and movie star, which explains why he has a massive audience of more than 182 million followers on Instagram. In 2016, Under Armour, manufacturer of sports apparel and footwear, officially announced that it was forming a partnership with Johnson.

The collaboration has resulted in a number of products, including shorts, shirts and shoes, all under the title of Project Rock. The products aren’t just for men. Women can also find Under Armour activewear that features Johnson’s bull insignia.

Dwayne Johnson gym fashion on Instagram

Not every brand has the budget (or luck) to partner with a celebrity. The good news is that you don’t necessarily have to work with mega-influencers to find success. Influencers with smaller audiences might have less reach, but they tend to have higher audience engagement on Instagram. So, if engagement is a top priority for your campaign, micro-influencers and nano-influencers can be valuable partners.

Whether you want to partner with a fitness celebrity or a local fashionista, finding the right influencers to collaborate with isn’t always easy. You’ll need to consider factors such as their past content, voice, audience demographics and fees. An Influencer search platform like IZEAx Discovery offers powerful search tools to simplify the process.