With families staying at home due to COVID-19 it can can a challenge juggling work and family life under the same roof.  Parents need a way to keep little minds focused on learning new skills. Kid craft influencers are more than willing to help with that task. The following influencers offer up plenty of crafting ideas and other fun activities. Using platforms like Instagram, YouTube and personal blogs, these influencers can guide children (and parents) through DIY projects.  This list of influencers is also useful for brands looking for influencers to promote their arts and crafts products.

Kid Craft Influencers

  1. Jennifer Perkins
  2. Sergei Urban
  3. Jean Van’t Hul
  4. Agnes Hsu
  5. Meredith Magee Donnelly

Jennifer Perkins got her start as a jewelry designer, but she’s expanded her skillset to create all sorts of items, including home decor. The Austin-based influencer is also a mother of two, and she loves working with young minds. Her site offers fun kids’ crafts ranging from DIY gnome bowling sets and glow-in-the-dark pajamas to personalized pillowcases and bracelets. The site has a section for each major holiday, so readers can find seasonal projects to work on with their children. A section about recycled crafts is ideal for anyone who wants to teach their kids how to creatively repurpose materials like plastic containers and unused toys.
Perkins seems eager to engage with other influencers in her niche. She writes book reviews for craft books and conducts interviews with fellow crafters.

Jennifer Perkins kid craft influencers

Latvia-born Sergei Urban has a master’s in economics, but his followers aren’t actually coming to him for financial advice. Instead, Urban uses his account, TheDadLab, to share fun science experiments for parents to enjoy with their kids. From building and coding robots to making a lava lamp with water beads and Alka-Seltzer, Urban has plenty of ideas to entertain and educate children. Some of his most popular videos include “How to Make Dinosaur Ice Eggs” and “How to Pop Balloons With an Orange Peel.”
Urban is a father of two sons, and they frequently show up in his videos. According to Urban, they also help inspire many of the activities that he shares with his audience. For even more fun with science, look for Urban’s book, “TheDadLab: 50 Awesome Science Projects for Parents and Kids.”

Sergei Urban kid craft influencers

An art lover herself, Jean Van’t Hul wanted to ensure her children grew up in an environment that encouraged creative expression. That goal led her to start a toddler art group with other moms. Now Hul uses her blog, The Artful Parent, to share kids crafting ideas and direct parents to useful art supplies. Whether kids prefer to work with paint, clay or simply paper and crayons, Hul has a range of project suggestions.
Hul’s content isn’t limited to blog content. She also creates kid-friendly DIY videos like “How to Make Homemade Bubbles” and “How to Make Butter Slime.” This kid craft influencer is also the author of several books, including “The Artful Year” and “The Artful Parent.”

Jean Van’t Hul kid craft influencers

Agnes Hsu is the founder of hello, Wonderful, a site for parents who are looking for imaginative crafts to enjoy with their children. The crafts on hello, Wonderful are divided into multiple categories. The “Eat” section features colorful recipes like unicorn tears and gingerbread house pancakes. Meanwhile, the “Celebrate” section has tutorials for costumes, party supplies and gifts. The “Style” section offers tutorials for items like shoes, T-shirts and tutus. Not all of Hsu’s content is DIY; she also provides product recommendations and reviews.
Hsu is a mother of three children, and her work has appeared in well-known publications like Better Homes and Gardens, Women’s Day and Good Housekeeping. She’s also the author of “My Color Is Rainbow,” a 2016 kids’ book.

Agnes Hsu kid craft influencers

Early childhood educator Meredith Magee Donnelly runs Homegrown Studio in Connecticut as well as the Homegrown Friends blog. She started the blog in 2012, and it’s full of activities and recipes for families to try out. Some examples of what you’ll find on the site include art activities like clay self-portraits and math and literacy activities that involve bubbles.
Donnelly has three children. However, just like many of the other influencers on this list, she’s found time to write and publish several books. She’s the author of the “Open Hearts, Open Minds,” which is about challenging biases at home and in the classroom. She co-wrote the 2016 book, “Exploring Books Through Play,” which provides 50 activities to help children develop skills in areas like art, math and science.

Meredith Magee Donnelly kid craft influencers

How Working With a Kid Craft Influencer Can Help Your Brand

If your brand’s goal is to educate kids and stir up an appreciation for arts and crafts, kid craft influencers can be valuable partners. Look for influencers who share your values and who come up with creative ways to promote your brand on social media. Most importantly, you should collaborate with someone who genuinely likes using your products and services. A sincere endorsement from a trustworthy influencer can generate plenty of interest in your business.