Why On-Brand Influencers Are Essential to Successful Marketing Campaigns

Influencer marketing campaigns can help your brand achieve success. However, not every popular social media figure will pair well with every brand. Here are a few reasons why finding on-brand influencers is essential. 

Female influencer writing blog post

On-Brand Influencers Don’t Sound “Salesy”

Some marketers make the mistake of contracting popular influencers who don’t fit their niche or brand image. The result is an endorsement that sounds too “salesy” for the audience to believe. This approach might help you raise brand awareness (especially if you work with a celebrity), but that doesn’t mean it’ll resonate with followers or build trust. 

Working with an on-brand influencer will have the opposite effect. Audiences will recognize them as a long-trusted voice in the niche or as someone whose values complement the brand. Overall, the partnership will seem more authentic, and consumers won’t doubt the sincerity of the influencer’s endorsement.   

On-Brand Influencers Create Engaging Content

An influencer who shares your brand’s values and goals will be more eager to create quality content and engage with followers. Your partnership will be more than a business transaction. You’ll both be pursuing a similar cause, whether that involves promoting an industry like eco-tourism or helping consumers find seasonal fashion.  

Audiences will also be more willing to engage the influencer’s content. On-brand influencer content doesn’t read like a traditional advertisement. It welcomes conversation and invites viewers to comment and share. 

Finding On-Brand Influencers

Social media platforms are already home to numerous influencers. And IZEA research indicates that 67 percent of social media consumers are willing to become paid influencers for their favorite products and brands. With so many options, how should you begin your search for on-brand influencers? Here are some tips to keep in mind:

Get in Touch With Your Brand’s Aesthetic

What’s your brand’s voice sound like? What colors or stylistic designs do you rely on in your content? Look for influencers who share that voice and aesthetic. Your styles don’t have to be an exact match; you just want to make sure you can both appeal to the same target audience. 

Know Your Values

Reassess your brand’s mission statement and values. What issues does your brand care about? Do you give to certain charities or give back to communities in some other way? Pair with an influencer who shares your passion and vision.

Look for Organic Influencers

Tools like IZEA BrandGraph can help you find organic influencers on social media. Organic influencers are people who are already talking positively about your brands and products, even without a formal contract. These are individuals who can offer the most authentic endorsements of your brand. 

Focus on Alignment, Not Audience Size

You’ll likely discover that some organic influencers and other influencers who align with your brand’s image don’t have large followings or celebrity status. They’re just average people who enjoy your products and services. Enlist their help anyway, and know that audience size isn’t always the most important factor. Micro- and nano-influencers can also be effective partners, as their content can lead to high audience engagement.