The modern world is compact and fast moving. Now, more than ever before, there’s a huge demand for people to have modern conveniences and useful products at their fingertips. Tech companies are constantly working on new types of wearable devices, but with so many hitting the market every year, it’s important to make the right buying choices. Fortunately, there are well-informed influencers on social media providing honest reviews and comparing brands. Here are seven of the top wearable tech influencers to add to your next influencer discovery search.

Top Wearable Tech Influencers

  1. Amanda Woolsey (@thecircatech)
  2. Tom Emrich (@tomemrich)
  3. Kelly Wonderlin (@kellywonderlin)
  4. Adrian aka Ace (@proj3ctramos)
  5. CNET (@CNET)
  6. Wearable Technologies (@WearableTech)
  7. Dr. James Canton (@futureguru)

Amanda Woolsey is a lover of all things technology, and shares that love across multiple social media platforms. She has a small following on Instagram and Twitter, where she falls into the category of “micro-influencer,” but shines on YouTube with over 49,000 subscribers. The video-sharing platform is ideal for her informative “how-to,” tutorial, and unboxing videos. Like many tech influencers, Amanda doesn’t specialize only in wearable tech, but she does cover popular brands such as Apple and Android.

Amanda Woolsey - Wearable

Tom Emrich is one of the world’s leading authorities and thought leaders on augmented reality, virtual reality, and wearable tech. He’s Vice President of Content at the augmented reality company 8th Wall and is constantly in demand as a keynote speaker. He has over 9,500 followers on Instagram and 22,400 followers on Twitter.

Tom Emrich - Wearable

Kelly Wonderlin is an incredibly hard-working influencer, model, author, and mom. As if that wasn’t enough, she also maintains Instagram, Twitter, and YouTube accounts. Her helpful videos cover all the latest tech and gadgets, and she’s particularly interested in Apple Watch products. Her schedule of regular weekly uploads and an easily understood approach to sophisticated devices has helped her to amass over 12,100 subscribers.

Kelly Wonderlin- Wearable

Adrian is a DJ and audio engineer who uses his online presence to provide tech reviews for many types of products, including wearables. He has over 1,000 followers on Instagram and YouTube, and over 5,200 followers on Twitter. As a micro-influencer, he has a strong niche audience and has positioned himself as an Amazon Influencer Affiliate. He’s also a brand ambassador for Zendure USA, a company that specializes in creating premium charging products for people who are always on the go.

Adrian aka Ace - Wearable

Influencers aren’t always individuals. One of the most influential forces for shaping the views of modern tech is the media outlet CNET. Formerly known as Computer Network, CNET puts out daily blogs, articles and reviews. The content has a global audience, and the company claims to be “the place to find out what’s happening in tech and why it matters.”

One of CNET’s most important platforms is its own website, but the company also makes good use of social media. It has a huge following of 1.7 million people on Twitter, plus 832,000 followers on Instagram. It has the greatest success on YouTube, where it boasts an audience in excess of 2.55 million people thanks to interesting, varied content.

CNET - Wearable

Wearable Technologies is a leading innovation and market development platform for all kinds of devices worn on or close to the body. The company is a pioneer in the field of wearable tech and has established an “ecosystem” comprising more than 30,000 innovative companies since 2006.

Wearable Technologies drives innovation, organizing international conferences and trade shows, and running an annual competition to promote new companies. It’s also very active online, sharing deep insights on the state of the industry and emerging trends. The Twitter account has over 24,500 followers, and the Facebook page adds over 6,600 fans to the total.

Wearable Technologies - Wearable

Wearable tech is the future, so it makes sense to include one of the most influential futurists in this list. Dr. James Canton goes by the handle @futureguru on Twitter, a fitting title for one of the most prominent thought leaders on emerging tech trends. He’s the founder and CEO of the Institute of Global Futures and author of “Future Smart: Managing the Game-Changing Trends that Will Transform Your World.” He’s in constant demand as a keynote speaker and has over 59,100 followers on Twitter.

Dr. James Canton- Wearable

Where to Look for Wearable Tech Influencers

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