When discussing influencer marketing on social media, many people immediately think of content creators on YouTube and Instagram. While those platforms represent fantastic opportunities for marketing, brands and businesses shouldn’t discount Pinterest. With over 250 million users, Pinterest is a growing platform of interest.

One of the most compelling aspects of Pinterest is that pinners have the option to make countless boards, each dedicated to a certain topic. Similar content is grouped, so pinners have more opportunities to diversify, and users only follow the boards they’re interested in. Here are 24 of the top Pinterest boards you should check out.

24 Top Pinterest Boards

  1. Cute Overload – Joy Cho / Oh Joy!
  2. Oh Joy for Target – Joy Cho / Oh Joy!
  3. Graphic Design – Joy Cho / Oh Joy!
  4. Simplicity – Jane Wang
  5. Delicious – Jane Wang
  6. Ha Ha – Jane Wang
  7. Photography – Anna H
  8. Inspiration – Anna H
  9. Design: Living – Anna H
  10. Wanderlust: North America – Jennifer Chong
  11. Home: Bathrooms – Jennifer Chong
  12. Tips and Tricks – Jennifer Chong
  13. Style: Accessories – Jennifer Chong
  14. Jewelry – Caitlin Cawley
  15. Beauty – Caitlin Cawley
  16. Dream Homes – Caitlin Cawley
  17. Scissors – Bekka Palmer
  18. Pasta Salad Recipes – Michael Wurm Jr.
  19. Best Breakfast Recipes – Michael Wurm Jr.
  20. Hair and Makeup – Stephanie Brinkerhoff
  21. Words to Live By – Maryann Rizzo
  22. Organize It – Maryann Rizzo
  23. Eat With Style – Bonnie Tsang
  24. Things – Bonnie Tsang

The Internet loves cute animals. Videos of cats playing pianos, dogs having baths or squirrels eating nuts are staples on social media. So, when Pinterest’s biggest influencer, Joy Cho, has a board of only cute animal photographs, you can bet a lot of people are paying attention. This board has over 992,000 followers.

Cute Board

With over 12.8 million followers, Joy Cho is a force to be reckoned with on Pinterest. Her huge following has given her the opportunity to work with many top brands. One of her boards is dedicated to her home decor products available from Target. It has over 1.21 million followers.

Target Board

It would be easy to fill this whole list with the work of Joy Cho. Her Graphic Design board serves up wonderful imagery and great inspiration for over 1 million followers.

Graphic Design Board

The modern world is hectic and busy, and it’s often easy to overlook simple beauty. Jane Wang’s Simplicity board is an opportunity to relax and marvel at the pure beauty of basic shapes and constructs. It has over 2.15 million followers.

simplicity board

Foodie influencer marketing is big business, and many people online are searching for great new recipes — or just a feast for the eyes. One of Pinterest’s top stars, Jane Wang, knows this well and has several boards dedicated to food. Her delicious board is enough to make anyone’s mouth water and has over 6.42 million followers.

Delicious Board

Influencer marketing is serious business, but content creation and curation don’t have to be. Jane Wang’s Ha Ha board is a selection of funny images to make you smile. It has over 2.64 million followers.

Ha Ha Board

As a visual platform, Pinterest is home to many photographers and photography enthusiasts. Anna H uses her simply named Photography board to share wonderful images from a variety of talented artists. The board has over 1.43 million followers.

photography board

Pinterest is all about inspiring people by sharing fantastic images and ideas. Anna H’s Inspiration board is a perfect place to visit for anyone who wants to see great works from great people. It has over 1.39 million followers.

inspiration board

Anna H is fascinated by design. She has numerous boards dedicated to different types of products and living spaces, including Storage, Beautiful Objects, Dining and Kitchen. Her Living board has over 1.4 million followers.

design- living board

Many influencers, such as Jennifer Chong, work in the realm of travel and international experiences. Chong is in pursuit of a “tasty and wanderlust life,” so her content focuses on travel and food, which are both popular subjects. She has a series of Wanderlust boards, each covering a different country or territory. Her Wanderlust: North America board is packed with beautiful images and top tips and has earned a following in excess of 2 million.

Wanderlust Board

Jennifer isn’t always on the go. She also has a series of boards relating to interior design, with each board dedicated to a different room. Her Bathrooms board has a following of 2 million people.

Home- Bathroom Board

When it comes to content marketing, a good way to get people to search out your work is to provide solutions to their problems. Jennifer Chong’s Tips and Tricks board is packed with useful ideas. It, too, has a following in excess of 2 million people as a result.

Tips & Tricks Board

Style and fashion are very popular subjects online and are likely to draw a crowd. Jennifer Chong’s cute Accessories board focuses on those little finishing touches, such as hair clips and purses. It has just over 2 million followers.

Style Board

If you’re interested in all that glitters, check out Caitlin Cawley’s Jewelry board. It has over 1.4 million followers.

Jewelry Board

Beauty influencers are particularly common, especially on platforms such as YouTube and Instagram. Caitlin Cawley’s Beauty board is a collection of cosmetics to help you recreate your favorite looks. It has over 1.5 million followers

beauty board

Pinterest is inspirational and aspirational. It’s a fantastic resource for great home decor and DIY ideas, or just for daydreaming about your perfect home. Caitlin’s Dream Homes board has over 918,000 followers.

dream homes board

The exciting thing about Pinterest boards is that they give pinners an opportunity to create collections of obscure subjects. Bekka Palmer’s Scissors board is a fine example. It still has over 156,000 followers.

scissors board

Michael Wurm Jr. is a lifestyle blogger who loves to cook. Many of his boards are dedicated to specific types of dishes, such as his Pasta Salad Recipes board, which has 1.3 million followers.

Pasta Salad Board

You should never miss breakfast; it’s the most important meal of the day. If you’re one of the 1.35 million people following Michael’s Best Breakfast Recipes board, you’ve got plenty of inspiration to start the day well.

Breakfast Board

Stephanie is a professional hair stylist and makeup artist, so when she curates a board called Hair and Makeup, you know it’s good. The board has over 908,000 followers.

Hair & Makeup Board

Maryann Rizzo is an interior designer and a very successful pinner. Her content covers design, food and travel, but she also has boards for more unusual and obscure topics. Her Words to Live By board is a collection of powerful quotes, which are inspiring for over 291,000 followers.

Words Board

If your workspace is cluttered or you can’t even find a pen, visit Maryann’s Organize It board, which is packed with useful storage ideas. The board has over 291,000 followers.

organize board

Bonnie Tsang is serving up more fun for foodies in her Eat With Style board. Beautifully photographed food and inspirational meal ideas have attracted an audience in excess of 1.8 million people.

eat with style board

Pinterest is a depository for ideas and the things people like. It’s a place where anybody has a chance to create a board and start pinning images that give them joy. Bonnie Tsang has created a board called Things. It’s a place where she puts images of things she needs or wants. It’s as simple as that. Over 481,000 followers appreciate her stylish selections.

things board