Countless beauty influencers are using social media to help ensure bad hair days are a thing of the past for their followers. These influencers range from product reviewers to industry pros who know exactly what it takes to keep hair full-bodied and shining. If you’re in the beauty industry and are running influencer discovery searches to find top talent, consider these 10 hair care experts.

1. Guy Tang (@guy_tang)

Guy Tang is one of the hottest names in the hair industry right now, to the point where even his name is a registered trademark. He’s a stylist who specializes in being “extra,” and he’s famous for giving his clients candy-colored hair that really pops. He’s also the creator of the #mydentity product range.

Interestingly, Tang’s first foray into social media was a YouTube channel where he performed versions of his favorite pop songs and documented his exercise routines. He’s still pursuing a singing career, and exercises regularly, in addition to using social media to share hair care tips and styling techniques. Excelling in multiple fields has enabled him to attract a large and diverse following. He has 2.1 million followers on Instagram and 2.22 million subscribers on YouTube.

2. Jen Atkin (@jenatkinhair)

Jen Atkin is a hairstylist and hair care professional, and the creator of the OUAI hair care product range. She has a strong social media presence, with three different Instagram accounts:

  • @jenatkinhair: This is her main Instagram account, used to showcase her techniques and products. It has 3.3 million followers.
  • @theOUAI: This account promotes her own branded haircare products. These are products “for real life, for real women,” combining luxury with simple affordability. The account has 1 million followers.
  • @maneaddicts: Mane Addicts is an online community for hair care professionals and aficionados. It’s a fantastic source for new trends and positive vibes from all around the world. Content creators are encouraged to use the hashtag #maneaddicts for a chance of being featured on the page. It has over 517,000 followers.

3. Nia the Light (@niathelight)

With her huge, beautiful curls, Nia is the perfect advertisement for stunning hair. The UK-based stylist is CEO for The Curl Bar London, which specializes in coils, curves and waves, and the author of “The Book of Light.” On Instagram she has developed a large following, thanks in part to her creation of the “Happy Froday” movement. This movement is a celebration of curls and big hair, and most importantly, “a celebration of YOU.” Any content creators are free to use the #happyfroday hashtag for a chance to appear on the Instagram feed, which has 30,500 followers.

Nia’s own Instagram account is a showcase for hair that makes a statement, and an opportunity to promote brand partners such as Garnier. She boasts a following of more than 416,000 fans who love her natural style.

4. Barry Hairston / Barry B (@thestarbarber)

Barry B is an A-list barber from Dallas who has worked with many pro-athletes from the NBA and MLB. Working with so many athletes it’s not surprising he’s also a self-confessed “weightlifting junkie.” His Instagram feed comprises motivational images of his exercise routines and plenty of shots of his latest hair creations.

Barry’s position as a celebrity stylist gives him plenty of opportunities to work with brands. He’s the brand ambassador for Schedulicity, an online booking system, and has partnered with brands such as Gillette. He has over 34,700 Instagram followers.

5. Lisette (@lisette)

Based out of LA, Lisette is a social media sensation. She’s instantly recognizable for her fantastic, golden curls and easy smile, and her content combines informative tutorials with light-hearted humor and behind-the-scenes silliness. While many hair care specialists focus only on hair, Lisette covers a range of subjects, including makeup and skin care routines. Her humorous content includes letting her boyfriend do her makeup and testing weird products.

Lisette’s Instagram feed comprises beautiful, glossy photo shoots showing off her immaculate style, with the occasional personal picture added in for good measure. These more intimate shots make her more relatable to fans and help to build her audience. She now has over 561,000 Instagram followers, but her real success story has been on YouTube. Her hair and makeup tutorials have drawn an audience in excess of 2.72 million. Her popularity has led to partnerships with top brands such as Secret Deodorant.

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