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Music festivals aren’t anything new. They have roots that go back centuries, perhaps all the way back to the competitions held in ancient Greece. In contrast, today’s music festivals aren’t battles or contests designed to see which musicians and bands can outdo all the rest. Instead, they’re a way for people to come together and experience the joy of live music together.

That concept, which is the hallmark of modern music festivals, was born out of Woodstock, the iconic 1969 music festival. Other festivals already existed, but this one’s the epitome of what festival culture has been for decades – a community of music lovers coming together. Although they aren’t always peace, love and hippies, today’s festivals continue drawing crowds.

Somewhere around 32 million Americans buy tickets every year according to Time. That’s a huge market for brands who want to reach their specific audience, increase brand recognition and expand their horizons. Today, music festivals are profitable for musicians, venues and brands alike.

It’s all about leveraging the opportunity. For some companies, it’s all about sponsorships and activations. For others, music festival influencers are a best-kept secret. And for others, a combination of strategies is the winning ticket.

Thinking about using influencer marketing for your strategy? Consider music festival influencers like these top contenders.

Celebrity Influencers

Big names typically mean big followings. Using celebrity influencers can connect brands with hundreds of thousands or even millions of people. This could translate to a significant boost in sales and a little of their cool factor might rub off on you. A few celebs known for going to Coachella include:

  • Vanessa Hudgens (@vanessahudgens): She’s the “Queen of Coachella,” having gone more than 10 times. Hudgens has 37.6 million Instagram followers.
  • Kendall Jenner (@kendalljenner): The Kar-Jenner clan is infamous for their Coachella antics. Kendall Jenner lit up Instagram from the 2019 festivals, posting tons of pics with her best friend, Hailey Baldwin Bieber. Jenner has 122 million Instagram followers.
  • Tom Sandoval (@tomsandoval1): This Bravolebrity is known as partial owner of Tom-Tom, an LA-based restaurant. He’s also famed for starring on one of Bravo’s popular shows, “Vanderpump Rules.” He’s a fixture at Coachella and gets excited about it every year. Sandoval has 896,000 Instagram followers.

Macro Influencers

Celebrity influencer marketing isn’t always the way to go. After all, many celebs buy followers or have bots following them. Macro influencers typically have a better understanding of their audience and their clout. The definition of macro influencers varies. They typically have anywhere from 10,000 to 1 million followers.

Unlike celebrities, most of these influencers are everyday people. Some of the top macro influencers include:

  • Belen Hostalet (@belenhostalet): Festival fashion is of the utmost importance. Husskie rounded up their list of the 50 best dressed influencers at Coachella, and Belen Hostalet was number one. This traveler, fashionista and music festival lover has 810,000 Instagram followers and 7,100 Facebook followers.
  • Jane Ko (@atasteofkoko): One of Uber’s activations at the South by Southwest (SXSW) festival was a branded double-decker bus converted into a restaurant of sorts. As one of the influencers invited aboard, this Austin blogger shared her experience with her 73,000+ Instagram followers.
  • Steffi Lynn (@haveanicedayy_): For the 2018 Austin City Limits music festival, Honda tapped influencer Steffi Lynn. Her Insta feed sports a candy-colored palette with inspirational sayings and plenty of photos. Lynn has more than 56,000 Instagram followers.

Micro Influencers

The term “micro influencer” can be misleading. Although these social media mavens typically have a smaller following (usually less than 10,000), they can be among the most powerful tools in your arsenal. Micro influencers increase reach and resonance among their followers. That’s why many brands include them in their influencer marketing strategies. Some top music festival influencers include:

  • Natalie Baltierra (@nataliebaltierra): This influencer is all about marathons and music. She shared content from Riotfest18 and Chicago’s Pitchfork music festival with her 1,055 Instagram followers.
  • Skyler Barberio (@skylerbarberio): As a music and tour photographer, Skyler Barberio has a unique vantage point from which to share compelling photos from festivals like Lollapolooza with more than 9,100 followers.
  • Hollyday.everyday (@hollyday.everyday): She’s all about living “that festival life.” She even vlogged her first visit to The Electric Forest on her YouTube channel, which has three subscribers. This colorful Instagram micro influencer has 2,752 followers.

Music festivals are big business – for musicians, for fans and for the brands who want to get in on the action. In between jamming out to their favorite bands, the people who attend have an opportunity to engage with the brands present. For savvy social media marketing mavens, it’s also the ideal backdrop for influencer marketing.

Are you looking for influencers like these? No matter if you’re interested in celebs or other influencers, the key to sparking an effective influencer marketing campaign is partnering with the right people. Discover influencers that resonate with your brand’s key demographics with IZEAx Discovery, an innovative influencer marketplace.