At its most basic, digital marketing describes the advertising efforts delivered across digital channels. At one time, that was radio and television. Today, it’s all about mobile apps, social media platforms, search engines and websites. And who knows what kinds of digital channels might emerge in the coming years?

Digital marketing is the cornerstone around which thriving businesses are built. Startups, small businesses and huge leading brands can all use the strategies inherent in digital marketing. The ability to reach a global audience, interact with prospects and foster brand loyalty are just three of the benefits of this marketing niche.

To get the most out of your digital marketing efforts, it helps to turn to the experts. We rounded up several digital marketing influencers of 2020 to help get you started.

Ann Handley

As MarketingProfs’ chief content officer, Ann Handley doesn’t just write about digital marketing; she’s actively blazing a trail in the industry. Handley’s website connects viewers with trainingS, information on speaking engagements and links to get her best-selling books. Handley helps her own company create content that resonates with customers while teaching others how to achieve similar results. In addition to her website and blog, Handley has 18,200 Instagram followers, 7,400 Facebook followers and 452,000 Twitter followers.

Joe Pulizzi

Founder of the Content Marketing Institute and a bestselling author, Joe Pulizzi is a pioneer in the field. He predicts that media and digital marketing will continue coming together, making it tough for consumers to distinguish between product, service and media brands. He’s a proponent of solid content marketing strategies for innovation and growth potential.

This digital marketing influencer has 154,000 Twitter followers. He also has an Instagram following of 3,759 and more than 500 connections on LinkedIn.

Jay Baer

Hall of Fame speaker, best-selling author and entrepreneur Jay Baer is known for his digital marketing experience. He founded Convince & Convert, a digital marketing firm that delivers advice, solutions and strategies to help marketers and brands achieve their goals. Baer also hosts two podcasts and a video show, providing his audience with more options to delve into his world of digital marketing. Baer has 278,000 followers on Twitter and more than 15,000 followers on Instagram.

Brian Solis

You might already be familiar with Brian Solis. He’s Altimeter’s principal analyst. He’s also a blogger, keynote speaker, anthropologist and futurist. Solis is highly regarded in the world of digital marketing, and he has an online audience of more than 700,000 to provide it. He has studied the effects of new technology on society and business for nearly three decades.

He also works to help startups, brands and celebs harness the power of the latest digital tech. Solis has 281,000 Twitter followers, 71,900 Instagram followers, 43,000 Facebook followers and more than 6,300 YouTube subscribers.

Danny Sullivan

Once upon a time, Danny Sullivan worked as an analyst and a journalist. Nowadays, he has the distinction of founding two of the leading companies in the digital marketing sphere: Marketing Land and Search Engine Land. Starting in 2017, Sullivan took on a role at Google, instructing people on how search and SEO work. He has his own website, where he shares insights on digital marketing. Sullivan has 532,000 followers on Twitter, 102,000 followers on Facebook and 4,900 followers on Instagram.

Andréa Jones

In addition to running, digital marketer Andréa Jones does speaking engagements and records a podcast called Savvy Social. She works to help businesses create authentic social media marketing that resonates and engages. Her website, podcast and social media platforms provide insight into ideas and strategies for digital marketing success. Jones has a LinkedIn following of more than 500, 4,483 Instagram followers and 3,865 Twitter followers.

Marcus Sheridan

This entrepreneur is among the top go-to keynote speakers on all topics related to marketing, including digital marketing. He’s been lauded by Forbes, which named him among the “Speakers You Don’t Want to Miss” in 2017. The New York Times gave him the title of “Web Marketing Guru.” He has authored content marketing guidebooks and regularly inspires audiences and followers alike. Sheridan has more than 24,000 followers on Twitter and 5,740 followers on Facebook.

In 2019, influencer marketing saw a sharp uptick. 2020 is shaping up to continue that trend, with brands increasingly looking to partner with influencers that resonate with their audiences. Looking for influencers for your brand? Influencer discovery is faster and easier than ever with IZEAx Discovery. Learn more and jumpstart your digital marketing strategy today.