When you need to make a purchasing decision, chances are that you enlist the help of an influencer, a blogger and/or social media user with knowledge and expertise of a particular subject. When it comes to the world of baking, you can log on to the Internet and find loads of informative blog posts and taste bud-tingling photos if you know where to look. Check out a few of today’s top baking influencers that may inspire you to buy the latest bakeware, purchase a cookbook or two and whip up delicious treats.

Rosie Alyea, Toronto, Ontario, Canada

Blog: sweetapolita.com, Instagram: @sweetapolita, 246,000 followers

If you’re looking for expertise, you can’t go wrong with baker, businesswoman and cookbook author Rosie Alyea. With a style as colorful as the cakes she bakes, Rosie serves up loads of recipes on her blog for everything from layer cakes and cookies to marshmallow sandwiches. For even more inspiration, look at Rosie’s Instagram feed chock full of creative cake and cookie decorating ideas.

Sarah Crawford, Detroit, Michigan

Blog: Broma Bakery, Instagram: @bromabakery 162,000 followers

Inspired by her mother’s best baking recipes, Sarah Crawford began her blog in college. Today, she is a full-time food writer offering a wide range of baked recipes for breakfast, lunch or dessert. Think gingerbread pancakes, 30-minute pizza dough and red velvet crinkle cookies. While you’re learning all about Sarah, don’t forget to visit her Instagram page. To say that her photos will make your mouth water is a vast understatement.

Shelly Jaronsky, Andover, New Jersey

Blog: cookiesandcups.com, Instagram: @cookiesandcups, 136,000 followers

For sweet treats with smatterings of savory recipes thrown in, visit Cookies and Cups founded by home baker, cookbook author and blogger, Shelly Jaronsky. In addition to recipes, Shelly offers handy charts featuring ingredient substitution ideas, baking pan equivalents and cups-to-grams conversion. If you love baking cakes and cookies, you’ll find an entire section dedicated to different kinds of frosting. One piece of advice: don’t visit Shelly’s Instagram feed if you’re hungry. Her photos are bound to make your tummy grumble.

Kate Wood, Selma, Alabama

Blog: Wood and Spoon, Instagram: @katie_clova, 113,000 followers

With a keen eye for detail, Saveur Blog Award Winner, Kate Wood, presents recipes and photos of baked desserts that readers want to taste. If you’re looking for dessert ideas for the holidays, this blog will not disappoint. Make friends and family happy with black bottom pumpkin pie, pear almond cake or chocolate hazelnut doughnuts. Check out Kate’s Instagram feed for a wide range of simple but beautiful photos. Get ideas for decorating cakes, topping bread and creating pretty pie crusts.

Thalia Ho, Brisbane, Australia

Blog: Butter and Brioche, Instagram: @thaliaho, 85,600 followers

Thalia Ho believes that baking is therapeutic. If you agree, visit her blog — even the font is soothing. Each beautifully written blog post features a literary quote at the beginning and a recipe at the end. Inspired by the seasons, she offers elevated recipes like Pistachio Custard Morning Buns, Black Plumb and Rye Crumb Bars and Fresh Mint Ganache Tart. For an extra dose of tranquility, visit Thalia’s Instagram feed filled with soft, muted images.

Maurizio Leo, Albuquerque, New Mexico

Blog: The Perfect Loaf, Instagram: @maurizio, 85,200 followers

If baking bread is your thing — or you want it to be — there’s no better inspiration than Maurizio Leo, a baker and blogger who describes himself as “pathological” when it comes to baking the perfect sourdough loaf. In addition to learning how to create your own sourdough starter, Maurizio teaches readers how to bake bread in a Dutch oven, how to shape various bread loaves and explains the various tools that come in handy for bread baking. For stunning images and helpful videos, visit Maurizio’s Instagram page.

Teresa Floyd, Kansas City, Missouri

Blog: Now, Forager; Instagram: @now_forager, 37,700 followers

Food blogger and recipe creator, Teresa Floyd offers a sampling of baked desserts for every season. For instance, when the weather is warm, bake up a caramelized peach cheesecake and, in the dead of winter, warm up with a cup of cocoa and a batch of chestnut snow cookies. Each recipe Teresa features comes with a story that will help you to know her better. By the time you’ve read every one, she will feel like an old friend.

Look at Teresa’s Instagram feed, and you’ll find her heavenly recipes brought to life through beautiful photos. Images of fresh-baked cakes, cookies, scones, doughnuts and muffins are sprinkled with elements from nature like trees, fruits and flowers.

Whether you need to find recipes, purchase new bakeware or get a few cake decorating ideas, influencers can help. Armed with years of experience, these baking whizzes know their stuff. Check out the bakers listed here, or use this influencer discovery tool to find even more professionals in this scrumptious domain.