Backpacking anyone? Maybe you’re a brand that manufactures camping gear, a travel agency, an outdoor adventure planner or an all-weather fabric producer. No matter what your connection to the great outdoors, taking advantage of the impact camping influencers have on their audience makes good business sense. Influencers have developed a solid relationship with their followers who trust their advice and product recommendations. That translates to a gold mine of potential customers who are already focused on the topic you’re offering.

Because Instagram is fueled through sharing images, camping influencers congregate here as they share photos and videos of their latest hike or newest product find. Some are micro-influencers with a few thousand loyal followers while others have much larger audiences. Take a look at these top camping influencers on Instagram to see who you might want to partner with to promote your brand. The list is long, but here are 10 of the best.

1. Emily Evergreen (@emily.evergreen)

Emily Evergreen is an outdoor enthusiast and media designer based in Portland, Oregon. She frequently makes Q&A posts on Instagram, which lends to her high engagement rate with her audience. Her honest, open and friendly personality creates trust among her loyal following. Emily’s mantra is “ever free, ever true, ever kind.” She’s collaborated with brands including Sevenly.

  • Followers: 19.5K
  • Engagement Rate: 6.12 percent
  • Average Likes:  1,164
  • Average Comments: 33

2. Danielle and Tommy | Slow Car Fast Home (@slowcarfasthome)

This writing, traveling, longboard-making duo lives full time with their two dogs out of their self-renovated 1992 Toyota Odyssey, affectionately named Nigel. Danielle and Tommy collaborate with a variety of brands, writing about their camping experiences, product reviews, traveling with dogs and a lot of other topics. Brand collabs include TENTRR, Dyson, Wrangler and Bandit Wines.

  • Followers: 60.1K
  • Engagement Rate: 3.78 percent
  • Average Likes: 2,225
  • Average Comments: 49

3. Franziska Weinheimer | Hike Oregon (@hike.oregon)

Franziska is a photographer and avid outdoorswoman originally from Germany and living in Oregon for over 20 years. Through her Instagram, YouTube and blog, she shares her love for Oregon as she hikes, backpacks and camps the state. Collaborations include Big Agnes and Outdoor Herbivore.

  • Followers: 13.9K
  • Engagement Rate:  3.84 percent
  • Average Likes:  514
  • Average Comments:  20

4. The Tent Commandments (@thetentcommandments)

The Instagrammers behind The Tent Commandments keep their audience engaged with witty puns, captivating photos and dad jokes. Collaborations include Clarkson Potter publishers, Vrai, Heimplanet and Hipcamp. Their engaging, laid-back and friendly take on the outdoors makes them an influential source for tents and other camping accessories and apparel.

  • Followers: 29.5K
  • Engagement Rate: 4.85 percent
  • Average Likes: 1,414
  • Average Comments: 17

5. Alexandre and Francis | iamnomad_ (@iamnomad_)

Alex and Francis are two young world travelers from Montreal, Quebec, Canada. They share their travel stories and photos to inspire people to explore the outdoors and camping. Their mission is to “spread happiness and a good vibe” everywhere they go and to show people that anyone can thrive in the adventure of outdoor traveling. Collabs include The North Face and The Shelter Company.

  • Followers: 48.1K
  • Engagement Rate: 2.40 percent
  • Average Likes:  1,141
  • Average Comments:  16

6. A A R O N (@patagoniatothenorthpole)

Aaron’s high engagement rate is fueled by his Q&A and “Guess the Location” posts where he shares photos asking people where he’s currently located. This influencer is an adventure traveler who engages an audience of backpackers, outdoor enthusiasts, adventurers, world travelers and photographers. He’s collaborated with Basecamp Terlingua, Mountain Hardwear, NEMO Equipment and others.

  • Followers: 27.5K
  • Engagement Rate:  7.20 percent
  • Average Likes:  1,944
  • Average Comments:  38

7. Katie & Ben | Travel Bloggers (@twowanderingsoles)

This husband and wife team with a background in photography and journalism share their adventures of traveling the world. Their audience reach spans across Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and YouTube as well as Instagram and their blog. They specialize in SEO and driving traffic to brand websites. Collaborations include Tree Tribe, and Chaco among others.

  • Followers: 17.8K
  • Engagement Rate: 3.29 percent
  • Average Likes:  562
  • Average Comments: 24

8. Jenny Anderson (@girlof10000lakes)

Jenny Anderson encourages folks of any background and experience to explore the great outdoors. She uses high-resolution photography, short videos, drone photography and writing to engage her audience on Instagram, YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and her blog. Jenny’s enthusiasm for outdoor adventure is infectious to her loyal audience. Collaborations have included Voyageur Canoe Outfitters, Explore Minnesota and others.

  • Followers: 13.5K
  • Engagement Rate: 9.24 percent
  • Average Likes:  1,197
  • Average Comments: 54

9. Lost in the Woods (@the_road_less_traveled_505)

This micro-influencer is a stay-at-home mom devoted to her family and exploring the wilderness. She camps, hikes, hunts and fishes and is drawn to nature and sharing her love of it with her audience. Her collaborations have included Bubi Bottle and John Deere. Her family’s cabins in New Mexico and Colorado give her wide access to natural content to promote outdoor brands.

  • Followers: 4.8K
  • Engagement Rate: 8.47 percent
  • Average Likes: 386
  • Average Comments: 21

10. Kaleigh & Tuan Anh | The Cauble Life (@thecaublelife)

Kaleigh and Tuan are a husband-wife team that loves hiking, backpacking and being close to nature. They post about their adventures around their home state of Georgia and across the nation. As micro-influencers, they engage their audience with down-to-earth photos and video footage, their genuine love for the outdoors and their positive outlook on life. Their motto is “the pursuit IS happiness,” and they’ve collaborated with brands such as Osprey Packs, Findlay Hats and Atlanta Trails, among others.

  • Followers: 2.4K
  • Engagement Rate: 6.62 percent
  • Average Likes: 153
  • Average Comments: 9

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