Looking for some local influencers to help get your Jacksonville-based business on the map? You’re in luck. The “Bold New City of the South” is full of bold, new talent (and well-established names) with loyal audiences waiting to learn about your brand. Here are 10 of the top Jacksonville influencers you need to follow.

1. Victoria Moronta (@_victoriamoronta)

Victoria, otherwise known as “The Girl with the Hair,” is a real estate agent, interior designer, blogger, content curator, fashion influencer and mom. How she finds time to juggle so many jobs is anybody’s guess; but she does it with style. She has worked with brands such as b.tempt’d bras and Sephora cosmetics, and has earned an Instagram following of more than 42,000 people.

2. Monique Sirmans (@roughgem)

Monique has been fascinated with photography since her early teens and has refined her craft over the years. Her Instagram is a bold mix of professional photo shoots, commercial product images and snapshots of streets and landscapes. Her aim is to create authentic, powerful images; and she’s attracted an audience of more than 10,000 followers.

3. Tiffany Upshaw (@tiffanyyupshaw)

Tiffany Upshaw is an inspirational woman. She’s a wife and mom, an entrepreneur, an inventor, a fitness model and an influencer. She has over 95,600 followers on Instagram, where she shares glamorous selfies and family photographs, mixed with promotional material and sponsored posts. She’s worked with many brands in Jacksonville, and is the co-inventor of Scoopie, a unique system for transporting and using dietary supplements.

4. Thamarr (@musingsofacurvylady)

Thamarr is here to show that size zero models don’t have the monopoly on the beauty and lifestyle influencer biz. Her bubbly personality and promotion of body positivity for all have made her a hit on Instagram where she has over 64,000 followers. That’s not all. She also runs her own blog, Musings of a Curvy Lady, and has a YouTube channel with over 1,500 subscribers.

5. Amy West (@amywesttravel)

Amy West is a spirited travel and lifestyle expert, and the creator of the blog Amy West Travel. She uses her Instagram account, which is followed by over 18,000 people, to showcase beautiful outfits in beautiful locations. It’s a must for anybody with a love of travel and glamorous jet-setting. Amy’s contributions have appeared on Fox Business, Cheddar News, USA Today and River City Live, and she collaborates with brands such as TripAdvisor and Trivago.

6. Alyson Haley (@alyson_haley)

Style, lifestyle, home, travel, beauty: Alyson Haley covers it all on her blog. Established in 2013, Haley’s site is an incredible resource for top tips and life hacks. She supplements the content with her social media content on Instagram, Facebook, Pintrest, Twitter and YouTube. Like many lifestyle influencers, she has found greatest success on Instagram, where influencer marketing grew by almost 40 percent in 2018 alone, according to Klear. She has over 481,000 Instagram followers and has partnered with brands such as Nordstrom and Walmart.

7. Lyndsay Almeida (@lyndsayalmeida)

Lyndsay Almeida is a lifestyle blogger and photographer who lives by the motto “life is messy, life is beautiful.” Her Instagram feed is all about sharing “real life and pretty pics,” a formula that has attracted over 20,000 followers. She’s fond of using forced perspective to make mundane objects seem huge, tagging the images with the #almeidaperspective hashtag. Her blog is another platform for sharing these vibrant images.

8. Angie Orth (@angieaway)

Angie Orth is a Jacksonville-based travel expert whose Instagram feed is packed with inspirational ideas for would-be travelers. Her personal account has over 99,300 followers, but she has 12,000 more on an account she runs with her sister as “The Jet Sisters.” The idea behind The Jet Sisters is to inspire anybody, regardless of budget, to pack a bag and see the world.

9. Rae Away (@raeaway)

If Angie Orth is on this list, her sister Rae is also deserving of a spot. The two sisters have different budgets and personalities, but they love to travel together, and they have a lot in common. They’re both award-winning content creators whose excitement for travel is truly infectious. No wonder Rae has over 13,000 people on Instagram prepared to follow wherever she goes.

10. Natasha Moody (@moodygirlinstyle)

A few minutes on Natasha Moody’s Instagram feed is enough to put anyone in a good mood. The fashion and lifestyle blogger uses Instagram to share her top style tips and clothing combos with over 25,300 followers. She tags the items in the photographs to make them shoppable through the LIKETOKNOW.IT app, so it’s easy for fans to recreate any look. She’s also the co-founder of The Hive Society, a community of content creators who share a common vision. The @the.hive.society Instagram account has over 3,500 followers.

Final Thought: Right Influencer, Right Place

For 37 percent of consumers, authenticity is the most important thing about sponsored posts, according to IM Hub. That kind of authenticity comes from a position of mutual respect between an influencer and a brand. However, finding the right people who truly care about your brand among the top Jacksonville talent isn’t always easy. Registering with IZEAx Discovery, a massive marketplace for opt-in influencers and content creators, makes it much easier to get your campaign going. Start discovering Jacksonville influencers today.