History and modernity collide in the City of Brotherly Love. There are famous foods like the ubiquitous cheesesteak to whet the appetite. Iconic landmarks range from the Liberty Bell to the Rocky statue at the Philadelphia Museum of Art. Clearly, there’s no shortage of opportunities for influencers to share everything they love about this Pennsylvania metropolis.

In between exploring for new material, Philadelphia’s famous influencers work hard to create quality content on subjects ranging from fashion to fitness and beyond. Looking for a little inspiration? Check out one of these top Philadelphia influencers for ideas or to make a possible connection.

Lzzy Hale

Like most musicians, Lzzy Hale rocks. The rockstar founded Halestorm with her brother Arejay. She hails her Grammy win of 2012 as one of her most memorable moments. Her 462,000 Instagram followers and 297,000 Twitter followers like to keep up with Hale when she’s home in the city or on tour. She notes that she gets a lot of feedback from young girls inspired by her stage presence.


At the epicenter of Philadelphia’s rap scene, this top Philadelphia influencer belongs to the local group, State Property, in addition to owning Best Beard Cream. He has 402,000 Instagram followers and 184,000 Twitter followers. Freeway’s content keeps everyone updated on new music and gripping photos that highlight performances and the city alike.

John Gruber

If you’ve ever used Daring Fireball, you’re already familiar with some of the work that this Drexel University alum has accomplished. Tools like the text-to-HTML Markdown and plug-ins like SmartyPants have offered value to businesses of all types. Likewise, Gruber’s social content doesn’t disappoint. He delivers highlights of industry news and debates some of the hottest tech news, all with a wry sense of humor. His content resonates with his 372,000 Twitter followers and 31,100 Instagram followers.

Adam Grant

Roughly 268,000 followers tune in to keep up with Adam Grant’s Twitter feed. Another 70K+ follow him on Instagram, proving that fitness, lifestyle and fashion aren’t the only subjects that top Philadelphia influencers tackle. Philadelphia Magazine named Grant among its top business influencers in 2018. This Wharton professor and organizational psychologist typically shares everything from article links to book recommendations to podcast excerpts. He keeps followers thinking about how we work and how we can best find success.

Ian Michael Crumm

More than 260,000 Instagram followers and 33,400 Twitter users keep up with the content that Ian Michael Crumm creates. Travel, lifestyle, men’s fashion tips and a cure for the F.O.M.O. are among the chief things that keep Crumm’s followers tuning in. Sharp, hip photography and fashion-forward shots litter his Insta account with a sense of consistency that has earned him a place among Philly’s popular influencers.

Whitney Wingerd

Proof that you don’t have to live in Center City to remain relevant and engaging, this Philly suburbanite mommy blogger has evolved from her earliest work. Her content is family focused, with a healthy splash of travel and fashion to keep her 72,200 Twitter followers and 18,300 Instagram followers engaged. Her content is also a favorite among family-centered followers looking for product reviews and giveaways.

Dallas Shaw

With more than 70,000 followers on Instagram, this Philly-based illustrator has parlayed her sketched into working with some of the biggest names in fashion. She’s worked with major labels like La Prairie, DKNY, Chanel and Ralph Lauren. Her tagline, “Finding inspiration everywhere” guides much of the content she shares. Her feed goes beyond fashion influencer marketing. She also delights her followers with a consistent color palette and content that ranges from travel to flowers to food.

Sabir M. Peele

Men’s fashion doesn’t always snag a top spot among influencers. But Sabir M. Peele seems to have cornered the market with 64,000+ followers on Instagram and more than 9,300 Twitter followers. After Esquire named Peele among 2010’s Five Best Dressed Men, he launched his own lifestyle and fashion blog. It later translated into collaborations with Caballero Wear, Knot Standard, Johnston & Murphy and Awl & Sundry, among others. He describes his approach and passion as flexing his own creativity while helping other men look great at the same time.

Emma Fried-Cassorla

She’s got a relatively small following of 140 people on Twitter, but blogger Emma Fried-Cassorla has amassed an audience with more than 56,000 Instagram followers. This Germantown native started her career as a neuroscientist, shifting to blogging and ultimately becoming a local influencer. She provides social content to share her love of Philly with her blog, Philly Love Notes. Determined to highlight all there is to love about this “gritty and beautiful” city, her feed offers memorable images with straight horizons and vivid sights.

Neil Santos

Food photography one of your favorite things? Neil Santos has built up a following of more than 1,000 on Twitter and more than 48,000 on Instagram. His drool-inducing shots of local foods and fresh produce are enough to get any foodie’s appetite going. He finds his inspiration in the small moments, with favorite haunts ranging from Reading Terminal Market to the Hungry Pigeon restaurant. Food-centered content is balanced with documentation of his travel adventures and snapshots of Philadelphia in all its delicious glory.

Searching for influencers doesn’t have to be difficult. Having the right tools on your side can help you quickly find those who best resonate with your brand.